Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 27

The next couple of days are quiet, I get some house work done and am looking forward to seeing my brother. While having some lunch outside on the patio, my phone rings. It’s Sam again. “Hi Sam” I answer. “Hi Lexi, how’s it going?” she replies. “It’s quiet, yourself?” I ask. “Quiet here too. So what’d you think of Connor? He’s available you know” she continues straight to the point. I should’ve known she had an ulterior motive. “He’s cool I guess. And no I am not interested.” I reply laughing. “Why not, you guys looked so cute together on Monday night.” She goes on. “Really Sam, you know I’m not in the market anymore.” I say wryly. “Well he says that you’re gorgeous and he wouldn’t mind.” She replies. I just laugh. “Are you sure you don’t want to forget about Vincent and Dash for that matter?” Sam keeps on. “No Sam. Vincent is coming back soon. I need to see where this could go” I reply. “Just don’t wait forever, there are plenty of fish in the ocean, right next to you.” She continues. “I know, but I want that Greek fish at this moment.” I joke. “Fine then, enjoy your day and I’ll text you later, going to hang at the beach with Jules. He says his taking me for dinner.” She replies. “See you Sam, enjoy” I end the call.

I call my brother just to give him the list of things he needs to bring along with him when he comes. “And don’t forget my gift” I say with a chuckle. “Did you get me something?” he teases. “Of course, I’m not Mr. Scrooge.” I reply. I’m looking forward to Christmas now and make a note for myself to call Vincent and Selena during the day.

Christmas morning is finally here and first thing this morning my phone rings. “Merry Christmas Alexis” Dash’s voice jingles over the phone. “Merry Christmas to you Dash” I reply. “Thought I would give you a call early before Michelle gets a hissy-fit.” He continues. “Have a good day and wish your parents for me please, would’ve liked to see them but will visit them soon.” I reply. Before I end the call Dash continues. “Alexis, I wish you happiness for the New Year and know that I will always love you, no matter what. That will never end.” He sounds so serious as though it’s the end of his existence and he needs me to know. After I end the call with Dash I decide to call Vincent. When I get his voicemail I send Selena a text wishing them both and their family, hoping that one of them might return with a call. I will call them again – I think to myself.

After being in church this morning I feel the Christmas spirit run through me. I play Christmas carols loud and start getting things ready for lunch. I put on a casual shorts dungaree since I don’t want to feel uncomfortable during the day and prepare some light snacks to eat while waiting for the mains to be ready. After about an hour, my brother and his girlfriend arrives. I nearly jump my brother over when I open the door. His girlfriend also nearly falls over with laughter.

“Geez Lexi, a person would swear we haven’t seen each other for years” he bellows he pulls his clothes straight. “It’s great to see you too little brother.” I reply as I step back. I lean forward to hug his girlfriend as they enter the door. We start the fire for the barbeque while I prepare the salads along with my brother’s girlfriend. We sit outside talking for a while waiting for the meat to get done. “So whatever happened with Dash?” my brother asks. “Well, let’s just say nothing happened, we’re still in contact even though he has a girlfriend now that hates me.” I reply. “What about this Vincent, we’re always hearing about?” my brother’s girlfriend asks curiously. “Well, Vincent will be here in the new year so looking forward to that, just wish he was here for the holidays at least.” I continues.

We decide to set the table while my brother finishes up outside. When my doorbell rings. I ask my brother’s girlfriend to go and check who it is since I’m not expecting anyone else. I was just done setting the cutlery down when she returns with a confused look on her face. “Who was it?” I ask and as I am about to go see, he comes in from the passage. My heart jumps out of my chest as I see that it’s Vincent.

’Vincent!” I scream. I run over and nearly jump him over as he reaches for me picking me up with one huge embrace. I squeeze him so tight forgetting that he has to breathe. “Babe, you’re choking me” he finally mutters as I don’t want to let go. “I don’t want to let go, I can’t believe you’re here!” I shriek. “Hey what’s going on?” my brother comes in as he heard the commotion. I finally let go. “Sorry guys, but this is Vincent.” I reply all flustered. “Vincent this is my brother Ryan and his girlfriend Emma.” I introduce them.

“So this is Vincent?” Ryan greets him shaking his hand firmly. “In the flesh, nice to finally meet you.” Vincent responds. “But what are you doing here? You said you’re only coming back next year” I ask excitedly. “Well I couldn’t let you spend Christmas without me.” He replies pulling me close for a hug. “I missed you my love” he whispers in my ear. “I’m so glad you’re here” I murmur. “Well you’re just in time for lunch” Emma says as Vincent puts his luggage in the lounge area. We sit down for lunch and just talk away. Vincent looks different, much more relaxed than he did when he left. There’s almost a glow about him. I can’t stop staring at him with those blue eyes that capture me every time he glances my way. He notices this and takes my hand in his and entwine his fingers in between mine as we continue talking to Ryan and Emma.

Once we’re done with lunch Vincent and Ryan sit outside enjoying the beautiful weather with some drinks while Emma and I clear up. “He’s really into you hey” she says as she watches the two guys chatting. “Do you really think so?” I ask. “Of course, you can see the way he looks at you. As if there’s no one else around, just you.” She replies. I glance over at them and catch Vincent watching me. He blow me an air-kiss which makes me blush. He still has that effect on me.

As we’re almost done the guys join us in the kitchen area. Vincent comes to stand behind me and embraces me. We stand like that as we talk about what we’re having for dessert. “Why didn’t you tell me that you would be here for Christmas?” I ask as he kisses the back of my neck. “I wanted to surprise you of course.” Vincent murmurs against my neck. “I think we should let these love birds have some time alone” suggests Emma pulling Ryan outside to the patio. “I missed you baby” Vincent confesses. “I can’t believe you’re here Vincent, it feels like forever that you’ve been gone” I reply. “I know but I’m here now” he continues. “But are you here to stay?” I ask holding his hand tightly.

He spins me around and takes my face in his hands. “What does it matter Alexis, I’m here” he murmurs, pulling me closer and we kiss. It feels as though my world is spinning. I feel butterflies in my stomach. How I yearned to feel his lips against mine. Like we’ve just found each other again after being apart for years. It starts soft and gentle then grows into a passionate kiss. He holds on tighter, my body arching from his height against mine. It feels like we’re on the threshold of consuming each other right then and there. When we finally stop, he gazes deeply into my eyes and says “I love you Alexis. I know I said it before, but I mean it with all my heart.” “I love you too Vincent” I reply softly as I know, no matter what, I was falling deeper and deeper in love with him and I wanted to be with him.

I then prepare the table for dessert with Vincent helping out. “You look really sexy today” he teases as he slaps my behind. I jump and find that very strange since he’s never done that before. But I just laugh it off and call the others in. “Is my baby still alright here?” Vincent asks as he puts the spoon of dessert in his mouth. “Baby? What baby?” Ryan asks confused. “It’s still here and in one piece.” I roll my eyes wryly. “Thank goodness, was worried something might have happened to it” Vincent sighs with relief. “Wait what are you talking about?” Ryan asks again really curious to know what we’re referring to. “His car Ryan” I reply to Ryan rolling my eyes. “It’s in the garage of course.”

“What type of car is it?” Ryan asks as he really loves cars. “Let me show you” Vincent suggests. “But I wanted to ask first, how is Dash doing?” Vincent continues. “He’s fine Vincent, he called this morning to wish me” I reply. “I thought as much, wouldn’t put it past him to pitch up here before the day is over.” Vincent continues sarcastically. When the guys are done with dessert the two of them go to the garage to check the car. All I hear is “Whoa. Cool car!” from Ryan and loud laughter from Vincent. “I’m glad they get along” I say to Emma as we continue to sit at the table. “Yeah, Ryan was kind of worried about meeting this guy that has you smitten.” Emma jokes.

“He hoped that he would like the person like he did David.” She continues. “I know, I actually found some photos of David which I forgot I had, and there’s one with David and Ryan too” I reply smiling. “I take it Vincent doesn’t really like Dash much?” Emma hits the nail on the head. “It’s not that, Vincent just doesn’t trust him but at least he’s ok with me still being in touch with Dash.” I respond. “I’m just so happy that he’s here right now and I’m going to make the most of it. Not sure how long he will be here” I continue. “Does that mean that we need to leave early so that you two can have the place to yourselves?” Emma teases. I just laugh and say that she shouldn’t be silly. With the surprise of Vincent’s return I’ve completely forgot to call Selena to wish her for Christmas, so I decide to call her.

“Hi Alexis” she answers the phone. “Merry Christmas Selena” I wish her before asking her whether she knew about Vincent returning. “Well I kind of didn’t want to spoil the surprise.” She replies. “Thank you for not saying anything, it was the best Christmas gift ever. I hope that I will get to see you soon too.” I reply. “I hope so too Alexis” she replies and ends the call.

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