Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 25

The year is almost over and I don’t know what the future holds for me. I’ve made up with Vincent although he still has no idea whether he will return. He told me everything about the trip away with Gabrielle – I think her name is. Apparently she was hoping things would go somewhere between them, although he was a bit lonely and might have led her on, he was not feeling it. This kind of made me a tad concerned since what if he was feeling it, would he have just chosen not to say anything to me. Not even giving me the courtesy of ending it with me? But we’re at least talking more often now. I get to hear his voice a few times and not just to say hello, but longer conversations.

Dash and I are on speaking terms now, even though Michelle still feels that he should leave me alone. I feel bad that she happens to be the rebound girl. But at least he’s got a companion, I choose to wait for someone that I don’t even know when I will get to see again.

The atmosphere at work is slow and quiet but festive. Staff planning their vacations and gifts for family and friends. “What are you doing for Christmas?” Sam asks as I sit at her desk browsing through the clothing store catalogue. “Don’t know yet, my brother has asked that we do something together this year since he’s seen me so little during the year. Him and his girlfriend always ask that I come” I answer her. “Well Jules and I have decided to have lunch at his mother’s place since his sisters are all at their in-laws and he doesn’t want to leave his mother alone. I can ask if we could invite you?” she continues. “Its fine, I’ll just be depressing anyway. It’s still hard this time of the year not having Mom and Dad around. You’re so lucky Sam, you get to spend this holidays with Julian and now his mother too. I would do anything to see Vincent, even if it’s just for one day.” I reply. “Has he said anything about returning? Anything at all?” she asks. “All he keeps saying is that we’ll see each other soon again, but he can’t say when or for how long.” I reply. “I can imagine that it’s killing you” she responds. “Yeah, maybe I should invite my brother over. I’m still deciding whether I should take some days off just to relax.” I reply. “Maybe it will be a good thing to have the company of your brother, Lexi. At least then you’re not so alone” she continues. “I guess you right, maybe I should do something special.” I reply.

When I get home, I start thinking of what I should do for Christmas lunch, and decide that maybe I should give my brother a call to see what he thinks. “Hi bro, how are you?” I shout over the phone with excitement. “Hey sis! It’s been a while” he answers with the same amount of enthusiasm. “I know, that’s why I’m calling, maybe we should do something about it. Maybe we can do something for Christmas, what you say? I continue. “That sounds awesome, I’ll ask Emma, but I’m sure she would agree.” He replies. “Cool maybe we can just do something easy, just like Dad always did. Just a simple barbeque with some salads and dessert?” I suggest. “That sounds cool can’t wait to catch up sis.” He replies eagerly.

Just after I end the call with my brother, I get a call from Vincent. “Hello Vincent!” I answer with a big smile on my face. “Hi Alexis. You sound in a great mood?” he responds. “I’m just happy to hear your voice. Just wish I could see you.” I reply. “I know babe, I’m missing you like crazy too. But I’ve got good news.” He continues. “Really what is it?” I ask waiting to hear him say that he’ll be returning for good, but in actual fact it was just wishful thinking. “Things seem to be calming down on the family side and maybe by next year I will be able to come back.” He replies waiting to hear my response. “That’s so great Vincent, so I get to finally see you again!” I reply with excitement, but then it changes to disappointment as it sinks in that it would only be next year. “Only next year though? Is it at least early next year?” I ask sadly.

“Don’t know babe probably not early, perhaps mid-year or at the end of the year” he replies, he can hear the disappointment in my voice. “I’m sorry babe, I wish I could’ve spent this holidays with you. I know how difficult it must be not having your loved ones close. Are you at least seeing your brother?” he asks. “Yes I am, we decided to get together on Christmas for lunch.” I reply solemnly. “Well that’s great news then, wish I could’ve met him, but will make a plan when I come home” he says eagerly. Home – I think to myself. I thought he was home. We were silent for a few moments.

“So are you planning anything else this holidays, I’m sure Dash would like to spend time with you, although I don’t trust him around you, especially alone” he continues sarcastically, breaking the silence. Yes I had told Vincent what had happened between Dash and I and he was upset about it in the beginning, but he got over it considering his own situation with Gabrielle. “Well I’m taking a few days off and I think that Dash should spend time with his own girlfriend, don’t feel like making a stronger enemy than she already is” I reply sarcastically. “Hahaha” Vincent chuckles.

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