Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 24

When I switch my phone on this morning, I see a few missed calls from Vincent. I listen to the voice messages he left me, saying that he’s sorry and that he doesn’t want me to be angry with him because it makes him angry. At that moment I don’t want to speak to him so I don’t respond. I go to work and just do what needs to be done, I don’t even speak to Sam. I leave work a little earlier than usual and when I get home I feel that I need something to distract me. So I call Heather to find out whether she has any events happening. She confirms that they are having a costume party down at one of the beach clubs and that she was planning on going alone, but she can bring a partner. I agree to go with her again – that’s always a great escape from reality.

We get to the club just as the party is starting to liven up. I’m dressed as a Greek Goddess – how ironic. I drink a couple of shots at the bar where the cute bartender flirts with me. Heather tells me to slow down otherwise I’m going to pass out soon, but I explain to her why I actually wanted to forget. As we’re dancing on the dance floor Heather shows me who has just come through door. It’s Michelle and not far behind is Dash, dressed in some cowboy outfit. I pretend not to care and continue to dance. Before long we start getting tired and decide to relax outside on the patio seats which overlook the ocean.

Heather offers to go get us some cocktails while I sat enjoying the view. As I’m sitting the same guy I met via Heather at Club Verve comes over and we chat. Then I hear a familiar voice from a few feet away saying: “So where’s the Greek God at?”

When I look up and see that it’s Dash I reply sarcastically “He’s gone back to Greece”

I excuse myself from the conversation I’m having and walk up to Dash. He looks at me with appreciation in his expression to what I’m wearing. “Dash” I greet humorlessly. “It’s been a while?” he replies as he inches forwards to give me a hug. I’m taken aback by that gesture considering the last time he never wanted to see me again, but I return the hug. “Yes it has, how have you been?” I ask. “I’ve been good and you? Where’s Vincent then? Thought you guys were a couple now?” he asks sardonically. “He’s gone back to Greece” I say with a serious face. “Oh, you were being serious! Thought you were just kidding” he replies. “So you’re alone here?” He continues as he lifts his eyebrows looking down at his drink while lifting it up to take a sip. “So how are things with Michelle?” I ask looking around to see whether she’s anywhere nearby. “We have our moments.” He replies. “She doesn’t compare to you though” he mumbles looking at me from head to toe. I peer over his shoulder and see Heather approaching.

“Well it’s nice seeing you again. Glad you’re doing well and that you’re happy.” I say as I push pass him towards Heather. Then he grabs my arm spinning me around. “I’ve missed you” he whispers as I look at him confused. I just give a slight smile and yank my arm back. “Hey I thought you two weren’t talking?” Heather asks noticing the conversation. “He came over to me” I reply casually. I keep my distance from Dash as I don’t want to interfere with him and Michelle, she seems really clingy. I check my phone for the first time. I completely forgot it was off and see a couple of text messages from Vincent.

Babe please call me.

Please forgive me.

We need to talk about this.

Don’t shut me out.

I don’t really want to reply to him, but I do love him and I missed him like crazy. So I respond.

I know and I’m sorry I reacted like that but just answer me one thing . . . . Did you sleep with her?

I finally start getting tired at about midnight and my head is spinning. I tell Heather that I want to head home. But I’m in no condition to drive and wait until Heather is ready to go. While standing at the guardrail looking over the ocean, Dash comes and stands beside me. “Hey Lexi” he starts. “Hi Dash, thought you left already” I reply. “Actually I wanted to make sure that you were okay, you looked like you went a bit overboard at the bar and definitely not letting you drive like that.” He replies. That’s very sweet of him, I think, but what about Michelle. “And Michelle?” I ask puzzled. “Don’t worry about her, she’ll get over it” he replies. I laugh.

“There’s that smile I missed. You’re still family you know” he continues. “Do you need a ride home?” he asks sincerely. “I actually came with my own car. I was waiting for Heather to get ready” I reply. “Well in that case, let me drive you home, I came with Michelle’s car so she can drive back and maybe she could drop Heather too.” He continues. I hesitate to answer him but he seems genuinely concerned so I agree. When we leave the club he looks around for my car. “Where did you park?” he asks confused since he’s looking for my car. “It’s over there” I respond pointing to Vincent’s car. “Wow when did you upgrade?” he teases. “It’s not mine really, belongs to Vincent.” I reply trying to keep my composure. “Quite generous of him to let you drive it” he mumbles under his breath.

We sit in the car for a while when we get to my place. “Are you happy?” he asks. “Somewhat I guess. Vincent’s been gone for a while, so I’m just missing him a lot.” I respond. “I’m glad you’re happy, but do you think – if he was not in the picture – I would’ve stood a chance with you?” he asks looking down. I look at him thinking I do miss having his company. “Maybe it would’ve worked Dash. Maybe it would’ve” I reply confusingly, my head still spinning. We finally walk to the door and I ask how he’s getting home. He says that he will call Michelle to pick him up. “Okay, I’ll hang out for a while till she gets here.” I say as I go to put the kettle on for coffee. I’m surprised that Michelle even agreed to have him be alone with me, but I guess they had almost four months to discuss it.

We sit on the sofa drinking coffee just like before. “I missed this” he says as he places his coffee on the table. “You stayed away” I reply. “Did you even think of me at all this time?” he asks as he lounges with his arm over the back of the sofa. “Of course, you were in a bad state and I didn’t want to make it worse, that’s why I didn’t bother.” I answer. We chat some more about why Vincent had to leave for Greece. “So you’re really into this guy then?” he asks with a chuckle. “I guess you could say that” I reply shyly. “So if I do something, you won’t respond to it?” he says smiling. I look at him confused, then he leans forward and kisses me.

My heart nearly jumps out my mouth with surprise as I push him off me. “What the hell Dash?!” I shriek. He sits back and just laughs. I look at him and laugh too, but then I do something that I never thought I would. . . . . . . . I push him down and return the kiss. I don’t know what comes over me, but for that moment I don’t care. We kiss vehemently that I almost want to tear his clothes off. I guess I’m more vulnerable than I thought. I finally come to my senses when he’s just about to take my top off and pull away from him. “Why did you stop?” he asks out of breath with his shirt open exposing his toned chest. “I don’t know why I did that” I reply bewildered.

“Maybe because you wanted to, all along” he answers as he pulls me closer trying to kiss me again. “No. Dash I think you’d better leave.” I suggest. I stand up and pull myself right. I take my phone and ask him to call Michelle. He reaches for my arm and pulls me closer to him as he stands up from the sofa. I try to yank myself from his grip, but he holds me tight. “Wait Lexi. Listen. I don’t want you out of my life again, I still love you and I probably always will. But do you really want to wait for Vincent?” he asks while I scowl at him ruefully. He loosens his grip and take my face into his hands and slowly kisses me again, just then my phone beeps.

With this I pull away from Dash and look at my phone. It’s a text message from Vincent, his reply.

Nothing happened Alexis, I swear. You’re the only one I’ve been with and you’re the only one I want to be with.

Without me saying anything Dash says. “Vincent I take it?”

With that there’s a hoot outside, it’s Michelle. “That must be Michelle” I respond. “Is he really worth it Lexi?” Dash asks before he opens the front door. “Yes he is Dash.” I reply. “Fine. Just be safe Alexis, I’ll always be there for you” he responds as he steps out the door. “I know you will” I mumble softly as I close the door. I quickly return to my phone and send Vincent a response.

Thank you for being honest with me. I really do miss you and wish you would come back.

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