Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 23

That night I decide to call Selena perhaps she has time to speak to me since Vincent is so busy. “Hello Selena. How have you been?” I greet as she answers the phone. “Alexis! I am so glad to hear from you, it’s been a while.” She responds with excitement. “I know and I’m sorry for not calling you more often.” I continue. “Wait are you calling from you cell? Let me call you back” she suggests and ends the call. Not long she returns the call. “That’s better, now we can talk for longer.” She says with a chuckle. “So how have you been?” I ask excited to hear her voice. “I’ve been great. Kyle has visited for a while so it’s great to see him.” She replies. “Wow he has been there already, he can’t stay away for long hey” I tease her. She laughs. “How is Vincent? Has he even talked about me lately” I ask. She’s silent for a while. “Selena?” You there?” I ask. “Yes. Sorry. He’s doing fine” she replies half-heartedly. “I miss him so much, he’s been a bit distant.”

“Well he’s been away from home a few times traveling the country. He’s not here now for another few days, sometimes he comes back after being away for a week.” She starts. “Really? Wish he would tell me these things so that I know, I’ve been texting and e-mailing him. Maybe that’s why he’s been brief in his responses” I continue. “Alexis, there’s something I need to tell you” she mumbles sounding a bit disappointed. “I’m all ears Selena” I reply picking up that she sounds down. “Well since our grandfather‘s passing Vincent has been very morbid lately.” I know how much he loved his grandfather. “And at the funeral he connected with a family friend’s daughter.” She continues.

I listen to her as she goes on saying that they have been getting close lately and that he has even gone away with her. My world just opened up and swallowed me in. “I wanted to tell you earlier, but Vincent begged me not to say anything.” She continues. I was afraid that something like this would happen. “I understand Selena, don’t worry about it, guess it was bound to happen.” I respond disappointedly. “I wish he never left, Vincent’s grief is changing his character” she replies. My heart sinks deep within my body as I end the call with Selena. The one thing that I didn’t want to happen, just did. Vincent was forgetting about me.

Later that night I have a dream where Vincent is being whisked away by a beautiful Greek goddess, leaving me standing on the other side of the ocean with my hands stretched out trying to get him back. . .

I awake this morning so angry, it seems like nothing goes right. Talking about spilling coffee, to having your documents fall all over as I exit the elevator right before a meeting. “Hey Lexi. What’s up with you?” Sam says as she sees the frown on my face. “Just not a great day today Sam” I reply harshly. “What’s wrong?” she asks. “Well I just found out last night that Vincent has been cozying up with a family friend during these past few months” I start. “OMG! How could he. Are you sure?” she continues. “Well I’m going to get the truth out of him” I reply sternly. “You can’t blame the woman, who can resist those gorgeous eyes” she says sarcastically. “I know Sam, I knew this would happen. Who am I fooling but myself to think that he was going to wait for me” I say trying not to start crying. “What’d you mean, you’re a great person. He would be nuts to let you go!” she replies.

The rest of the day drags along and I wish for it to end already. When I get home I throw myself down on my bed and reach for my phone. I decide to send Vincent a text to see if he will respond.

Hi Vincent, long time since I’ve heard from you?

A few minutes later a reply from him comes through.

Hey babe, sorry that I’ve been so quiet – just busy. He replies.

Busy with another woman yes – I think out loud.

I miss you - .

Do you really - ? I reply.

Of course I do -. He responds.

You don’t know how my heart is yearning to see you.

That’s not what I’ve heard. I respond.

What’d you mean? What have you heard? He replies.

Don’t act all innocent V, just tell me the truth.

He doesn’t replies, instead a few minutes later my phone rings. “Hi babe, what are you on about?” he ask casually. “I know Vincent, stop pretending that you miss me. I know what you’ve been up to” I chide. “Alexis I’m not pretending, I don’t understand what you’re referring to. I’ve been busy, so I’m not always able to call you” he continues. “I know about her Vincent” I reply. “About who?” he asks confused. “Dammit Vincent, are you going to make me spell it out. The girl you’re seeing.”

Vincent doesn’t say a word in response for several minutes. Then he finally admits it. “Babe, did Selena tell you? I told her not to say anything” he replies. “Why didn’t you tell me Vincent? Why didn’t you just tell me the truth that you’re never coming back and we will never be together? I’ve been here dying to see you only to find out that you’ve been seeing someone else” I continue. “I guess your words were just that . . . . Words.” There’s a silent pause again. “That’s not true Lexi, I do love you. I’m sorry that I did that to you, I never meant for it to happen” he replies. How those words sound so familiar to me. “Perhaps Bastiaan was right, I’m not good enough for you and this is not working out.” I respond. “Don’t say that Alexis, it’ll work out. I did something stupid, I realize that, but I do miss you like crazy, please forgive me” he pleads.

“I don’t know Vincent, I think perhaps you need to make you mind up, until then I don’t know.” I say as I end the call. My heart breaks into a million pieces. I’m so angry that I switch my phone off and cry myself to sleep.

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