Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 22

At least Vincent keeps to his word and calls me as soon as he’s settled at his parents place. I tell him about Dash’s accident and that Dash doesn’t want to see me anymore and surprisingly he feels really bad for me. He says that he didn’t want me to lose that part of my life and that he shouldn’t have acted like a jerk since they actually had a good conversation on the date. “But none-the-less Lexi – this is first time he called me that in a while –“I don’t think you should beat yourself up about that right now.” He continues. “I know but it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have led him on so long” I reply. “It will blow over babe, who can resist such an incredible and beautiful woman.” He continues trying to flatter me to change the mood. “Not fair Vincent” I reply “What! What did I say but only the truth? Oh I wish you were here right now, we could’ve made sweet love right now” he continues. My heart starts to beat faster just thinking of the events of the past Friday.

“Don’t do that Vincent, stop teasing me.” I respond to his flirtations. “If you only knew how much I want you right now, it hurts to think of it” he replies. How am I going to continue knowing that he’s over there and I here? Not being able to hold him or kiss him. What if someone else sparks his interest and he forgets about me. It’s too soon to think like that – I think. “On a lighter note, what’s it like to be back there?” I ask curious to know how he’s feeling. “It’s weird really, but this place is definitely beautiful. You would love it here” he answers. “Where exactly is here?” I continue. “It’s a place called Ekhali, Athens” he answers. It’s strange to think that he once lived there, since his accent was pretty much like the local one.

“I’m sure I would love any place as long as we’re together” I mutter softly. “I know, one day. I have to go now, will send you a picture later” he promises. “Oh and Alexis . . .” He utters with a pause. “I love you” he murmurs again, I hesitate, but respond this time. “I love you too.” It’s strange for me to be saying that since this was the first time in forever that I’ve said it to another person.

I start the new month in another boring team conference conducted by John. One would think that things would be easier by now since Vincent had left, but it’s much the same . . . me alone. Sam is literary glowing since she and Julian are going strong in their relationship. I haven’t heard from Dash since my visit with him at hospital, but Heather informed me that Michelle and he are dating now officially and they seem happy. Vincent’s been gone for almost four months now and I’m still not sure when or whether he will be returning. The last time we had a decent conversation seemed like a while ago. It’s mostly just text messages or e-mails and sometimes calls that only last like 5 minutes.

“Have you spoken to Vincent lately?” Sam asks as we are on lunch. “Not really, still only getting texts and e-mails. He called a few days ago just to say hi, LITERALLY.” I reply sarcastically. “I’m sure he’s just very busy, but I hate the fact that you’re all depressed.” She continues. “Its fine, not like I haven’t done this before” I reply. “Have you heard from Dash?” she asks. “Nope but I don’t blame him. He’s happy, that’s all that matters.” I shrug. The truth though is that I kind of missed him too. It’s cool that we connected after so long and now we’ve lost touch again. I wonder if he thinks of me sometimes too.

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