Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 21

After a night of passion it’s the day I have to say goodbye. I don’t want to let go of him as I watch the sun come up. We stare at each other for a while saying nothing. My body can feel the weight of the sadness creeping up slowly. Eventually we have to extricate ourselves from each other, since he has to prepare for his flight later. I make us breakfast while he gets ready for his departure. Once we’re done, he makes all his phone calls as I sit and watch him pace up and down. I can’t stand it anymore, watching him make his plans to return to Athens – that’s where his family is from – that I decide to rather go for a jog around the block. The jog does me well; the fresh air and it takes my mind off things. When I return home I see the taxi waiting outside already. I quickly go inside as it’s that time already for Vincent to leave.

I watch him stand near the sofa; I walk straight up to him and embrace him. “I know. I know my love. I’m going to miss you so much.” He murmurs holding me tight. I can feel a knot starting to form in my throat and the tears welling up. If only we had more time. . . . .

We stand outside the front door holding hands staring into each other’s eyes. For one brief moment it feels like there’s nothing wrong.

“I’m going to miss you Miss Jones” he mumbles swinging my hands. “I will miss you too Vincent.” I reply sadly. I lift my hand to his face and touch it for the last time. I gaze into those striking blues eyes, and it feels like we’re standing in a white room. No windows; no doors; as if everything around has been washed with white paint. He inches forward and gently kisses me on the forehead, I inhale a deep breath and exhale heavy to stop my heart from jumping. And with one final embrace; he tilts my chin up with his finger and slowly kisses me. His lips soft, yet his kiss intense. I melt into his embrace as our kiss lingers. When we finally move apart he leans forward and whispers into my ear – “I love you Alexis.”

With that he leaves, and says good bye.

I wait for Dash to arrive, but he never shows. I try to call, but his phone goes straight to voicemail. I find this strange since he’s the one that said he’ll come today, so that we can talk. I figured that he probably changed his mind and frankly I’m not in the mood for another fight since I’m moping around because Vincent had left. I’m not quite sure what to do now, think I might as well get into bed early. I look at my phone hoping that I would get a call from Vincent saying that he changed his mind and decided to come back. But nothing happens. Instead I lay there trying to remember the past week and all the activities that took place, realizing that I don’t even have a picture of Vincent to keep me company, not that I had a problem remembering his face as it’s imprinted into my mind.

The next morning I get a call from Vincent just to let me know that he arrived safely in Dubai and was waiting for his connecting flight. “I will call you again once I land in Athens and once I have reached my parents place.” He says sounding so far away. “I’ll be waiting for your call” I reply. “Vincent?” I continue. “Yes, babe what’s up?” he asks hearing the agony in my voice. “I miss you already” I reply, realizing what I actually wanted to say, but don’t say it. “I miss you too babe” he replies softly.

The rest of the day is boring, back to the loneliness I’ve felt for the past four years. I don’t know what to do. I try calling Dash again, but his phone is still off. I think perhaps I should try to contact his parents.

“Hello Mamie. How are you doing?” I ask as she answers her phone. “Oh my dear, Alexis!” Mamie shrieks. “I’ve been trying to find your number.” She continues panicky. “Mamie what’s wrong, you sound upset?” I ask as I hear the distress in her voice. “Is it Dash?” I ask. “Yes, he’s been in an accident! It’s not serious but he’s in hospital.” She replies. I immediately ask her what hospital and make a plan to see him. I rush over to the hospital, and when I get there Michelle is with him. “Alexis!” Michelle says aghast as I enter the room. “Dash are you ok?” I ask rushing over to his bedside. I know it’s a silly question to ask since he’s lying with his leg elevated and in a cast and his arm also in a cast. “I’m fine Lexi.” He responds. “I’ll leave you two alone” Michelle says sternly, not too impressed and glowers at me. “I’m so sorry to see you like this Dash, what happened?” I ask worriedly.

“You shouldn’t be concerned with me, anymore” he replies. “What’d you mean? Come on Dash it’s not like I don’t care about you, what happened?” I ask harshly. “Well I was on my way to your place when I saw the taxi outside your house.” He starts. Oh my word he was there – I think to myself. “I was about to get out to see why there was a taxi when I saw you and Vincent on the porch. I saw you kiss him. I guess you made your mind up already” he concedes. “Why didn’t you call or wait?” I ask. “Well when I left there I was so angry I raced off and well you can see the result” he replies sardonically. “But I’m fine Lexi, I’m just tired of waiting for you. Do what you want from now on, I’m done” he chides. “Dash . . . I’m sorry. I’m completely to blame for this” I reply. “You sure are” comes Michelle’s voice from behind as she returns. “I think its best you leave Lexi” replies Dash. “I guess you want this back then?” I say as I remove the chain he had given for my birthday which also had the ring from David on it. “No, you can keep it” he replies. Michelle’s eyes grow wider as he says this, probably surprised to see what it was and why he doesn’t want it back.

“Please don’t shut me out Dash. I do love you . . . . Just not the way you want me to.” I reply as I lean forwards to kiss him on his cheek and turn around to leave. “Why did you not take that back?” I hear Michelle ask him as I leave. I get back to my car and I can’t keep it in anymore. I burst out crying. First I say goodbye to Vincent with the uncertainty of ever seeing him again and now I say goodbye to the only thing that tied me to David. Alone again . . . . . . . . .

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