Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 2

Friday morning and everything seems positive. I overcame the anniversary of David’s passing; was surprised by Dash and was made to feel like a high school girl. With a smile on my face I enter the office, telling myself that today was going to be a good day, after all it was Friday – weekend. I stand at my office window, hot coffee in hand just staring out into the city streets, I am startled by a knock at my door - nearly spilling my coffee all over me. “Good morning Alexis” his sexy voice greets. “Good morning indeed”, I reply enthusiastically. “Please it’s Lexi, no need to be so formal” I tell him.

Smiling, Vincent greets again, this time calling me Lexi – how adorable. As he leaves to his office, Sam stumbles in. “Good morning Mr. Kellis”, she says under her breath. “Oh morning Lexi, sorry just had to get my dose of that”, she giggles. “Morning Sam, do you really have to make it that obvious” I ask. “Can’t help it, he is so fine”, she replies – typical Sam style. Always saying what we are thinking. “So it’s been like almost three weeks already, has Dash called yet?” she asks. “It’s still early, Sam. To be honest, I’m not really feeling it” I reply. “Don’t you think, it’s too soon to be hanging out with David’s brother, after not seeing or hearing from him for so long?” I ask, watching the expression on her face. “Lexi this is perfect timing, I mean, you need closure. Maybe this way, you get to remember David one more time and finally move on.” she says while watching Vincent stare at his computer.

“Sam”, I call softly. “Do you really have to be so obvious? I’ll chat to you later” I push her out the door. “Let me know if he calls” she says aloud, making Vincent look up, straight into my face. I can feel my face turning red with embarrassment. All he does is just smile.

Just as I am about to leave the office for lunch, my phone rings and yes its Dash. “Hey Lexi, how you doing? I’ve been meaning to call to see if you want to hang out?” he asks with excitement in his voice. “Yes we can, need some activity in my life” I lie. For some reason my stomach starts churning, is it hunger or nervousness, knowing that I didn’t really feel like going but needed some distraction. “Hey you still there?” he asks. “Yes, yes. So what did you have in mind?” I ask. “A movie? I’ll pick you up, let’s say at 12h00m tomorrow, is that okay?” “We can grab some lunch before the movie” he says. As I am on the phone I notice Sam standing over Vincent’s desk, 20 questions again. “Hello, hello Lexi?” – I completely forget about Dash – “sorry, just got distracted, yes 12:00 should be fine, see you then” I respond quickly. As I leave my office, Sam comes skipping on behind me. “Hey, what’s for lunch” she asks. “Desperate much?” I ask amusingly. “What? What did I do now?” she replies. “I saw you flirting away in his office.” “Oh that, no we were just sharing information. Getting to know one another better”, she giggles. “You’re such a tease, Sam” I reply.

Off we go for lunch.

Exiting the elevator, back from Lunch was a joke, believe it or not the most embarrassing thing to happen. My sandal heel hooks in the door of the elevator and I go crashing straight into Vincent. Looking up and staring into those striking blue eyes, sends my heart racing. It feels as though we are all alone and no one is around at that moment, until I hear Sam screaming – “OMG! Are you okay Lex?” Pulling myself back to reality – “Yes, yes I am fine - thanks Vincent.” “No problem, glad I was there and not the floor” he replies.

Sam then hugs Vincent – “thank you so much Vincent” her desperation showing again. “Just in the right place at the right time I guess” he responds. He then enters the elevator and as Sam takes my arm helping me in the direction of my office, I look back and receive a wink and a smile from Vincent, which makes me go even redder in the face than I already am from embarrassment. But that gesture was adorable.

Later that afternoon, after my ’incident’ I look to see if Vincent had returned, he happens to be looking my way too, then he smiles and starts writing down something. He then holds up a notebook with the words “ARE YOU OK?” gesturing with his hands. I respond in the same way, saying “YES”. He then writes “HAPPY TO SEE THAT” laughing, as it should be ’happy to hear that’ but since we are not speaking its hilarious, which means that he has a sense of humor.

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