Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 19

I awake the next morning to the smell of bacon, eggs and toast. I get up; tie my hair up and brush my teeth. I go down and I find Vincent slaving away in the kitchen. “Morning sunshine” he murmurs as he sees me enter the kitchen area. “Morning. You’re up early?” I mutter softly. “Well thought I would surprise you with some breakfast before we head off” he replies flipping the eggs. “Where are we going this time?” I ask eagerly as I set the mugs ready for coffee. “Well it’s not a bad day so let’s go down to the beach since I won’t get a chance to again and then I want you to put that red dress on for this evening.” He replies kissing me on my head as I stand at the counter waiting for the water to boil. I knew he loved that dress. “What’s happening tonight then? I ask frowning as to why I needed to dress up all of a sudden. “Don’t worry just look sexy as you always do” he replies with a smirk. When we are done with breakfast we pack in all that I have for a day at the beach and head out.

We find a good spot to sit and just enjoy sitting in each other’s company before heading to the water. We chase each other in the water and just have fun playing in the sea. The day is a beautiful warm winter’s day as we soak in the sun. I enjoy being with Vincent, I love the way he makes me feel as though no other woman is of interest to him. I mean the beach had some gorgeous women around that try to get his attention, but he only has eyes for me and he shows them that in the way he acts around me. We take a stroll along the shore holding hands like a real couple. “Did you have fun this week? He asks as we walk on. “Yes, it’s been amazing” I reply smiling pulling him closer to me. “Then does this mean, I can make it official? Will you be my girlfriend?” he asks tugging me to stop. “I’m confused Vincent, are you sure you want to make it official since you’re leaving in two days. I don’t know if we can handle a long distance relationship.” I reply concerned. I wish this wasn’t the last week we have, but rather the start of many weeks together. “I know Alexis, I wish that I had said something earlier, when I first saw you, I knew that there was something about you that attracted me, but then Dash came into the picture and I knew that he was a strong connection to your past and it’s important to hold onto your past. It defines your future” he replies. We continue to walk on. “Much like in your case I suppose?” I murmur sadly. “Yes, my family history defines my future” he replies disheartened. “Hey it’s getting late and we still need to get ready for tonight” he continues and chases me back to where we were sitting.

We get back to my place and get ready, I still have no clue as to where or what was going to happen tonight. I put on my red dress like he asked and tie my hair up into a French twist style. I do my make up the same way I did as the other night. When I come down the stairs, I see him sitting on the sofa. He gets up as he hears me. He’s wearing a deep blue shiny dinner suit and tie which matches my red dress perfectly. “You look absolutely stunning” he says after gawking at me for a few seconds. “You don’t look so bad yourself” I reply. We head off and while driving I ask again where we’re going, but he refuses to tell me. We finally pull up to a beautiful mansion with a huge driveway. “Wow what are we doing here?” I ask as I stare at the house. “This is where I live” he replies casually. “Say what! What are you like royalty or something?” I shriek “Actually, my parents are Diplomats. So not exactly royalty, but they are like ambassadors.” He continues. I knew he was not a local citizen, but I was not expecting this. As I’m about to open the car door, he stops me and comes around and opens it for me, like a gentleman. “Okay” I say looking strangely at him as he did this. “Have to keep my manners when I’m here, might just get reprimanded. Shall we?” he says giving me his arm to hook mine into. We walk to the front door and into the foyer, which by the way is huge and leads to a stairway similar to that of a palace. “Hello” he calls. Out runs Selena to meet us. “Hi Alexis” she greets and kisses me on my cheek. She does the same with Vincent. She’s dressed in a cute little cocktail dress. “You look stunning” she compliments and leads us to the lounge area, where the rest sit waiting. I see Kyle sitting at the bar with another handsome gentleman. Kyle just turns and waves when he sees us. An older gentleman which looks like an older version of Vincent sits on the other side and a beautiful older female approaches us.

“Vincent my sweetheart” she cheek kisses him. I feel my legs wobble in my heels, but I keep my cool. “Mom, this is Alexis. Alexis this is my mother” Vincent introduces us. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Kellis” I greet stretching out my hand to shake hers. “It’s nice to meet you my dear” she moves to cheek kiss me too. “Good evening my dear” the voice of the other gentleman, I figured that, that was probably Vincent’s father. He comes forward and takes my hand and kisses it. “Alexis this is my father” Vincent responds firmly. “Vincent” his father greets. After they are introduced, the guy sitting at the bar with Kyle comes over. “Good evening. Alexis is it?” he greets taking my hand and kisses it. “Yes, nice to meet you?” I greet not knowing his name. “Bastiaan” Vincent says firmly. “This is Bastiaan my brother” he continues. “The charming one, although Vincent likes to think he is.” Bastiaan replies sarcastically. “Well then, now that we are all present lets have dinner in the dining room.” Mrs. Kellis announces. We sit around a rectangular shaped table with Vincent’s father at the head. I sit next to Vincent, who holds my hand in his. I wasn’t sure whether it’s to support him or whether it’s to calm my nerves. “So Alexis where are you from?” Mrs. Kellis asks as we’re served our meal. “Well, I was born and breed locally” I reply. “Where did you meet Vincent?” Bastiaan asks with a stern face.

“We met at work” Vincent replies before I can answer. I can see that there’s a bit of tension between the brothers, I think I will ask Vincent later. We enjoy a lovely three course meal. I find out that Mr. and Mrs. Kellis are very wealthy and that Bastiaan is in the family business, but Vincent doesn’t want to follow in their footsteps. “He always does his own thing” says Mrs. Kellis. “Has Vincent mentioned to you that he is going back home?” Bastiaan asks sarcastically interrupting. “Yes he has” I reply sadly. “Really Bastiaan, you had to bring that up now?” Vincent replies. “Just wanted to know if Alexis is aware of what’s happening.” Bastiaan responds. “Long distance relationships never really workout.”

“Don’t compare us to you” Vincent replies glowering. “Boys!” Mrs. Kellis scolds. “Sorry mother” Bastiaan apologizes. I wonder what Vincent was referring to when he challenged Bastiaan, but tensions are high. “Perhaps we should retire to the lounge” Mr. Kellis suggests as the others keep silent. Then I ask whether I can be excused and where the restroom is and Selena directs me. When I return, I get a bit lost and take a wrong turn. I happen to run into Bastiaan. “Ah, Alexis” he says as he approaches me. I feel a little awkward and uncomfortable around him. “So how long are you intending on being with Vincent?” he asks as he inches closer. “Excuse me, what’d you mean?” I reply. He inches even closer and stands right in front of me. “If you ever get bored of him, I would be happy to take over, I am after all the ’heir to the throne’ if you get my point.” He mumbles sarcastically, as he corners me while I’m trying to move out of the way. “I must say Vincent really made a stunning choice of the local folk this time.” I feel really uncomfortable with the way he looks at me. I am just about to ask him to move out of the way when a stern voice speaks. “Bastiaan” – it’s Mr. Kellis – thank goodness. “My dear” he calls me over as Bastiaan moves aside with a smirk. “Forgive Bastiaan, he likes to think he’s a real ladies man” Mr. Kellis smiles as I hook my arm in his. “I’m so sorry that we have to do this to Vincent especially now that he has found a beautiful woman such as yourself, but his grandparents aren’t doing too well on their bodies and therefore we need to return to support them. Vincent loves his grandparents very much and wants to be there.” He continues. “I understand” I reply sadly. “I’m sure when matters are sorted out Vincent will return to you. I see the way he looks at you. Reminds me very much of the way I looked at his mother when we first met.” He continues as we walk down the stairway. “There you are” Vincent comes from the lounge. “Your father saved me from an awkward situation” I mutter smiling at Mr. Kellis. Vincent scowls at his father and all he says is “Bastiaan?” and his father politely nods. “Come, want to show you around.” Vincent says taking me by the hand.

“So what’d you think of my family?” he asks once we’re at the first level. “I like them, just hope they are impressed with me” I reply. “Believe me they are – who wouldn’t be. Oh and don’t worry about Bastiaan, he’s harmless.” He says, he must have seen the concern I have on my face when I said that. “What’s up with that though?” I ask trying to get him to open up. “Long story for another time” he replies. Why wouldn’t he answer my questions, it’s like he’s hiding something from me. We stop at one of the rooms and he opens the door. “This is my room” he says as we walk in. He has a beautiful view of the back yard which looks more like a garden court yard. “Must be awesome to wake up to this view every day?” I ask playfully. “I’d prefer waking up to find you sleeping next to me.” He replies, holding me from behind and kisses me in the nape of my neck. Before it’s too late I say my goodbyes to the family, and wish them well on their journey back home. I tell Selena to make sure that Vincent stays good and does not forget about me. I tell Kyle that he shouldn’t be a stranger, if he ever wanted to visit he would be more than welcome. “There you go inviting men to your house again” Vincent mumbles playfully and I punch him in the arm. We return to my house and we stand outside for a while on the porch. “So it’s back to work for me tomorrow, it’s going to be tough since you won’t be there though.” I say as I loosen his tie since he can relax now. “Don’t do that” he mumbles, as he stops my hands. “What?” I smile. “You make me want to rip that dress off you” he teases shyly. “Do I see you tomorrow?” I ask as he’s about to leave. “Of course, I’ll be staying the night. Besides I have to leave my car here so I will call for a taxi from here to the airport.” He continues. Oh yes I almost forgot that I agreed to keep his car.

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