Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 18

The next day I stay at home again since the doctor booked me off for four days. I decide to try and speak to Dash. The call goes straight to voicemail – Hi Dash, please call me. I need to speak to you. I need to make this right – is the message I leave on his voicemail. Being at home is boring, not having anyone to talk to sucked. I know Vincent is probably unavailable since he had to finalize whatever he had to before he leaves on Saturday. Just thinking of him having to leave this Saturday hurts like being stung by a bee. My eye-candy-no longer there to gawk and smile at. So I decide to text Sam to find out how things are at work.

Hi Sam.

How are you feeling today? She responds.

Much better, but how’s work? You must have heard by now that Vincent is leaving. I reply.

Yes. I can’t believe it and so soon. Why was he looking for you yesterday? She asks.

I have to tell her what was going on.

Can you call me during lunch, then I’ll explain. I respond and she agrees.

Like clockwork she calls me during her lunch. “Hi Lexi” she greets. “Hi Sam, thanks for calling.” I answer. “So what’s the deal, I see Vincent packing his things?” she asks. “Well Vincent is leaving and I don’t think he’s coming back.” I start. “Wow it must be serious then” she replies. “It seems like it, he leaves this Saturday.” I respond. “Serious! So why was he concerned about you?” she asks. I hesitate, but I have to tell her. “So on Friday night after the ball” I commence. She laughs – “Yep you were quite out of it.” “Anyway, Dash and I had a fight” I continue. “What? Why?” she asks. “Did he take advantage of you because you were in such a state, he did say he was going to ’make your night’?” she says teasingly. “No Sam nothing happened.” I reply. “Really, he was really excited and nervous about it.” She replies. “Did he tell you that he wanted to do it with me that night?” I scold. “Uhm, so why was Vincent looking for you?” she changes the subject. Just for that I think I won’t tell her that I’m the one that Vincent is into. “He wanted to tell me that he was leaving.” I reply. “Oh is that all” she replies.

As we are talking I see my phone vibrating, when I check it I see a missed call from Dash. “Hey Sam, I’ll talk to you later” I interrupt her as she goes on rambling. “Okay bye then” she replies and I immediately call Dash back. “Hi Dash!” I say loudly. “Hi Lexi” he answers sullenly. “Where have you been, I’ve been worried sick?” I scold. “What’s it to you Lexi, it’s not like we’re a couple” he replies sarcastically. “I’m sorry Dash, I was genuinely concerned about you. You left here in such a rage. You know I know your temper. We need to talk.” I rebuke. “I don’t have anything to say Lexi. I knew you would never give me a chance. It was just wishful thinking frankly. I was honest with you by telling you how I felt and you played me.” He replies – for someone that didn’t have anything to say he sure said a lot. “I’m truly sorry Dash. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t know what to say to make it up to you. That thing between Vincent and I just happened, we couldn’t control ourselves.” I reply honestly. “But you can control yourself with me?” he says sarcastically. “Please could we talk about this in person Dash, not over the phone?” I ask sincerely. “Fine, I’ll come around on Saturday.” He replies. I feel a bit relieved that I managed to get hold of Dash and that he didn’t decide to leave town since that’s always his way of dealing with things.

I wait to hear from Vincent since he said that he wants to spend this final week with me before he leaves. At about 16h30 he calls. “Hi Alexis, I’m coming over tonight after work” he says. “Sure, I’ll be here, not going anywhere” I reply sarcastically. “Great, wear something comfortable” he replies; I’m confused, but agree. I put on my track pants and a pair of trainers. Tie my hair into a ponytail with a t-shirt on and a track top. I look comfortable enough – for someone that’s not feeling very well. I wonder why he wanted me to dress comfortable. About two hours later he’s at my door.

“Hi Alexis. Are you ready?” he asks after he kisses me when I open the door for him. “I guess I am, where are we going? I ask puzzled. He’s dressed in a track pants and t-shirt and track top. “Well since you’re not completely healthy I figured we could stay indoors, so we’re going bowling” he says gesturing to me as to what I think. “Bowling!” I squeal. I haven’t really been bowling before so you can see why I react strangely, but if it means spending time with Vincent anything will do. “Yes bowling. We’re meeting my sister and her boyfriend there.” He replies casually. “Okay I guess, I’m not much of a bowler actually, but I’m a quick study.” I reply grabbing my bag. We get into his car – I love the smell of the interior – and drive to the bowling arena, where we meet up with Selena and her boyfriend Kyle. “Hey Selena, you remember Alexis?” Vincent greets her with a kiss on the cheek and introduces me casually. “Sure. hi Alexis nice to see you again. This is my boyfriend Kyle” she replies as she pulls Kyle closer. “Nice to meet you Kyle” I greet. “Shall we go?” Vincent says letting me walk before him. It feels strange to be there hanging out with Vincent’s sister, but she makes me feel comfortable, like we’re old buddies.

We have a great time, mostly having a crack at me because I’m really bad at bowling big time. “So much for being a quick study Alexis” Vincent bellows teasingly. I chase him around our table, when I finally catch him. I punch him hard on the arm. He takes my arms and puts it behind my back playfully and kisses me. This is the atmosphere the whole time – romantic and playful. Selena and her boyfriend are adorable together. He treats her like his queen. The guys decide to go get something to eat; Selena and I stay and I’ve got an opportunity to get to know her. “The two of you are so cute together” I compliment. “Really?” she replies, and I nod. “I do like him a lot, just don’t know how it’ll be once we’re apart” she continues. “What’d you mean?” I ask. “Has Vincent not told you about us leaving?” she asks. “He has told me, but I didn’t know that you were also going” I reply. “We’re all going and we don’t know for how long.” She replies sadly. I want to lift her spirits, so I take her hand. “I’m sure you and Kyle will get through it. So how long have you been dating?” I ask trying to get her to think of something else. “Not too long, it’s been under a year now” she replies smiling. “That’s great” I reply. “So are you guys like a couple now?” she asks pointing to Vincent with her head as they are returning. “Uhm, we’re just spending the final days together, so I don’t know.” I reply casually just as he approaches the table. “Don’t know what?” Vincent asks as he places the food down on the table. “Oh nothing” Selena responds nonchalantly.

I like Selena she’s cool and I can tell we’re going to get along swell. We sit chatting and enjoying each other’s company, before we decide to play another round. This time my game improves. Before long it’s time to leave and Kyle and Selena head home. Vincent and I stand by his car – he’s leaning against the fender of the car as we wave goodnight to them. He pulls me towards him. “Did you enjoy your first night?” he asks while holding me around the waist. “Yep, I like Selena, she’s awesome. And Kyle - oh my gosh - Kyle is hot!” I tease. He rolls his eyes and pulls me closer to kiss me. We head home and when we get there he walks me to the door. “I wish I could stay here, but I still have loads to sort out” he says as I open the door. “Well tomorrow is another day” I reply smiling. “Yes, I’ll let you know when I’ll be here” he replies and kisses me on the cheek goodnight. I watch him walk back to his car – he’s so sexy! - And wave as he drives off. I don’t even feel sick anymore and feel excited for what he has in store for us tomorrow.

The next day I decide to sleep in a bit. I’m actually tired of the night of bowling. I start reminiscing about it and end up laughing at myself, I am really bad at bowling. I wonder what we’re doing tonight. The day goes by fairly quick for me as there’s no distractions and I can answer my e-mails without having to go to meetings or Sam barging into my office every few minutes. Then sadness hits me, I won’t get to see Vincent at the office anymore. Funny how I got used to seeing him opposite my office. Dash never spoke to me again after yesterday, guess I just have to see if he pitches up on Saturday. During lunch time Vincent calls to find out how I’m feeling and tells me that he took the day off tomorrow, so I have the entire day with him – to do whatever I want to do with him. That sounds great even though I don’t know what we could get up to for an entire day.

He tells me that I should be ready for another night, this time we’re going skating. “Skating? As in Ice-skating?” Another thing that I’m not good at. “Okay” I reply not sure whether these ideas are coming from him or someone that is giving him advice. I dress in comfortable clothing again this time a full track suit to keep me warm on the cold ice rink and an extra set of clothing since I’m bound to fall on the wet ice. At the same time as yesterday Vincent arrives. Dressed in a jeans and a t-shirt and cotton jacket – he always looks gorgeous in his outfits no matter what he’s wearing – I wonder whether he will get cold. As he comes in; he scoops me up as though he hasn’t seen me in ages and we kiss as though it’s our final kiss. “We can always stay here” I suggest after he puts me back down. “No I wouldn’t control myself if we did, best to go out” he replies grinning.

We get to the ice-rink and the arena is somewhat empty. The ice itself is not filled with people yet, and I think that this is perfect, not many people to witness me embarrass myself. I take it a bit slow as I get onto the ice – naturally Vincent is a pro at this too and he goes swooshing right by me. “Its fine, you go ahead, I’ll just follow along” I scream sarcastically at him. But then he comes back after going around the rink once. He takes my hands and tells me to look into his eyes. Like a hypnotist he puts me into a trancelike state and I forget that I can’t skate properly. All I focus on are those blue eyes. He smiles as he stares into my eyes. “Take a look Alexis” he says breaking my concentration. I turn my head and see that we’re in the middle of the rink and people are swooshing pass us in a circle. “Oh my word, I need to get back” I panic as I see how fast the other people are skating. “Don’t worry, I got you. Trust me.” Vincent says. “I trust you Vincent, but that doesn’t mean I’m not nervous” I shriek. I nearly fall over, but he catches me. He pulls me closer to him and he kisses me. I can feel my heart beating fast again and the butterflies forming in my stomach. It’s magical. The light beaming off the ice makes it look like a fairy tale setting. The music starts booming and the lights goes dark. “Come on Alexis. I’ll take you around” he takes my hand and we skate around the rink allowing the professionals to do what they do best. We skate for a while and to my surprise I don’t fall once, guess it’s because I’m holding his hand the entire time. He doesn’t let go. I can picture myself doing this with him all the time.

“So what we doing tomorrow, we only have two days left?” I ask loudly over the music. “You have to wait and see” he replies. That’s another thing which attracts me to Vincent – the sense of uncertainty and not knowing what comes next – spontaneity! Once we’re exhausted and cold from skating we end up warming up at a coffee shop where we order café mochas and something to eat. “Are you really not going to tell me what we’re doing tomorrow?” I ask trying to charm the truth out of him. “Fluttering your eyelids won’t make me tell you, no matter how sexy and desirable you look right now.” He teases. “Yeah right more like all sweaty” I reply. “That’s what makes it sexy – all hot and bothered” he mutters. “You want to maybe go watch a movie, the night is still young?” he continues. “Sure why not” I reply since I don’t want to part from him yet.

We decide to watch something hilarious, so we end up watching a comedy. When the movie is over he says that we should head back to my place since he’s feeling exhausted. “Told you there’s too much physical activity this week” I laugh. “There might be later” he mumbles slyly. He’s so tired that he even lets me drive his car. “What the heck! Are you sure?” I scream. “Do you want to or not, I know you’ve been dying to” he replies. I’m so excited that I almost lose control. The car drives like a dream, I feel like a celeb. Even the neighbours check me out. “Well from now on you can drive this car” he mutters when we get to my place. “What’d you mean?” I ask bunching my eyebrows. “You can look after it for me, until I return . . . if I return.” He replies. “What you mean ’If’ you return. You will come back right?” I ask. He doesn’t reply. “Right Vincent?” I ask again. “Yes Alexis, for you I will.” he eventually replies. This might actually be the last time that I will see him once he leaves I think. “But I can’t keep this car, it’s too expensive” I reply. “Don’t be silly, you can and you will. I’ll let my guys know it’s with you” he continues. “Oh yes, I almost forgot” he says running back to the car and pulls out a tog bag from the trunk of the car. I look at him confused. He stops. “Didn’t I tell you, I’m staying the night” he smiles from ear to ear. “What?” I squeal. “You could’ve mentioned it” I continue. “Or I can just go home if you want that?” he says jerking back to the car. “Fine! You can stay” I reply pulling him by his t-shirt towards the front door. He laughs out loud. “Ha! I thought so.”

“Well I’m going to take a shower, you can make yourself at home” I mumble as we walk in. “Can I join you?” he asks with a sly mischievous grin. “Ha!” I say as I walk up the stairs, but in my head I’m saying ’yes please do’. I get into the shower the warm water feels really good against my cold skin. As I stand there letting the water just run down my body I hear the bathroom door open and shut. My heart starts to flutter as I know its Vincent. There’s a few seconds of silence, then the shower door opens. My heart pounds even harder, and I feel the warm touch of Vincent’s hand down my back. I turn around, he’s masculine body standing over me. He brushes his hair back as the water runs down his face and runs his fingers down my shoulder to my arm. His touch is gentle and sends shivers through my body. He looks me in my eyes and pulls me closer, it’s like time is moving in slow motion. I feel myself melting into his arms again. We kiss as the water warms our skin. I can feel his hands all over me; caressing my skin. It’s incredible. I haven’t felt this way in a while, Vincent’s touch takes me away, sets me adrift into midair. It’s as though he knows exactly what spots to hit to keep my heart racing. And at the same time it disheartens me, because I know I won’t get this feeling again once he’s gone, knowing the uncertainty lies ahead as to whether I will ever get to see him again. We lay together in my bed until I drift asleep in his arms.

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