Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 17

Monday morning and I don’t feel like getting up. I call Sam and ask her to let John know that I’m not feeling well and I would check my e-mail during the day. Dash doesn’t return my calls or responds to my messages. I check my phone during the day but still nothing. So I go see a doctor in the afternoon, when I get a text from Sam.

Hey Lex, hope you are feeling okay

I’m okay. I reply.

Vincent was looking for you, he looked concerned. What’s going on? She asks.

Nothing, I will speak to you again. I respond.

I am so concerned about Dash that I even call his parents to find out how he is. “My dear, Dash hasn’t come home yet, I figured he stayed with you this weekend. He said that he was going to.” Mamie says confused. “Thanks Mamie, I will find him.” I reply. “Is everything okay, you don’t sound well?” she asks. “I’m fine just trying to get hold of Dash” I reply. “Okay I will tell him to call you when he comes home.” She replies. I can’t think where he could’ve gone, but then I remember his friend, Michelle. Maybe she would’ve heard from him. So I call Heather to ask for Michelle’s number and explain why I need it. “Hi Michelle, its Alexis. Heather’s friend, we met at Club Verve.” I try to jog her memory. “Hello Alexis” she responds, very sullen. “Hi, do you perhaps know where Dash is?” I ask. “He’s at my place and doesn’t want to speak to you.” She replies.

“I know, but I need to find out if he’s alright. Please can I get your home number to call him?” I beg. “Sorry Alexis, I won’t let you hurt him, this is the same thing as before. I warned him” she scolds. “I’ll let him know you called.” She continues and ends the call. At least I know where he is now, so I call his mother to let her know. It’s hard to concentrate on anything further. I was so caught up trying to find Dash I forget to check my e-mails. There’s one from Vincent.

Hi Alexis, are you okay? Heard you not feeling well. Will it be okay if I make a turn around your place after work tonight, need to see you?

I’m sure whether Vincent would see my response since it’s the end of the workday already, but I send it anyway.

Hi Vincent, I’m doing better, but if you want to come it’s up to you”.

I prepare some food for supper just in case Vincent or even Dash pitches up. About two hours later I hear a knock at the door, I look through the peep hole and it’s Vincent. So I open the door after fixing my hair and making myself look better than I did. He walks in and I ask whether he got my response to his email. “Actually no I didn’t, but I figured I would come around anyway” he replies. “Are you okay? You look really bad” he continues. “I’ve been better but that’s not an issue.” I reply. “Where’s Dash?” He asks looking around concerned. “He’s not here” I reply. “Wow I actually get to see how you look on your off days too” he jokes. “Not funny Vincent” I reply. “I made some supper, are you hungry” I ask pointing to the stove. “Yes please I won’t say no to that” he replies sitting down at the table. “Do you need any help?” He asks, hearing me dropping things. “I’m fine don’t worry” I reply.

We finally settle in at the table to enjoy the meal. “So you said you wanted to talk to me?” I ask. “Yes. I wanted to let you know that I’m leaving this Saturday.” He replies sadly. I nearly spit my food out. “I know you said that you were leaving soon, but I didn’t expect this soon” I rebuke. “I know Alexis, I think it’ll just be better if I go now anyway” he replies. “I can’t stand seeing you with Dash, and I can’t control myself around you anymore” he continues. “I know Dash will make you happy and that he loves you and I don’t want to mess it up for you. I want you to be happy.” He continues. “Does this mean that you’re not even going to try to convince me to choose you?” I ask sadly. “Believe me Alexis, I would take you with me if I could, but I know you wouldn’t go.” He replies. We sit in silence, when it’s broken by his phone ringing.

“Hello” he answers after looking at who it is and excuses himself from the room. I watch him as he stands outside talking. He looks upset with the person on the other side, but disguises it very well when he returns. “Sorry about that, family issues.” He says. “What’s going on Vincent, can you tell me?” I ask concerned. “I’d rather not talk about it.” He replies. Why won’t he tell me what’s going on. What’s so serious that he has to leave so soon? We sit on the sofa like two teenagers on their first date, not knowing what to say to each other – how crazy this is considering our previous encounters. “So this will be the last week I have a chance to see you?” I say finally, feeling my heart break all over again. “I guess so” he replies. “But you’ll be fine, Dash will be here” he continues. “I doubt that Vincent” I respond. “What’d you mean?” he asks. “Dash knows” I mutter softly. “He knows what?” Vincent asks turning to face me on the couch. “He figured it out” I continue. “He figured out that we had a thing going on” he jokes. ”Yes” I say with a serious face. “Oh, he figured that out and what happened between us that Sunday?” he asks with a shocked look.

“That too, that’s why he’s not here, I haven’t spoken to him since Friday” I continue. “I’m so sorry Alexis.” He apologizes, and he touches my leg. “And now you’re telling me that you’re leaving at the end of this week. What more can go wrong” I sniff feeling like I’m about to start crying again. He moves closer to me and tilts my face with his hand to look me in the eyes – those mesmerizing eyes. “I hate the timing of all this and I promise I’ll try to stay in touch with you.” He promises. “Yeah right Vincent, once you’re gone you’ll forget all about me, I’ll be alone again. Not even sure if Dash is going to ever forgive me.” I sulk. “I tell you what, this week - I’m all yours” he says trying to lighten the mood. “What‘d you mean?” I ask clearing my throat from the knot that is forming. “I’m going to make this the best week ever before I go” he smiles.

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