Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 15

A few weeks goes by; Vincent and I keep our distance from each other. It’s just limited to waves from across the office area and little smiles whenever we walk pass each other. My heart burns every time we’re in a meeting together, to a point where I find myself staring at him. Dash and I on the other have gone out a few times now – nothing too serious just having fun. Sam seems to have forgotten about her obsession with Vincent. She has been flirting with the new adorable delivery guy.

“How is Dash doing? Sam asks as we sit in the office kitchen area waiting for the final stretch of the day to complete an end. “He’s doing great” I reply with a smile. “So what you doing for your birthday this year?” she continues. I almost forgot that it was that time again. Never really celebrated my birthday since David was gone. “Same thing as last year . . . nothing” I reply sardonic. “It falls at that same time as the company’s party this year” Sam continues anyway. “All the more reason not to celebrate it” I reply. “That’s not fair; it’s the turning point this year.” She continues. Yes I am turning 30 years old and for others it’s a milestone to celebrate, but for me it’s just another year.

“Hey babe” Dash responds when I answer my phone. “Hi Dash” I reply. “So it’s almost your birthday and I was wondering whether you want to do anything special seeing that it’s a big one” Dash continues. “Nah, I don’t really want to do anything. Besides our company is having a function that night anyway.” I say. “Oh okay then. I was hoping that I could make it special for you.” he replies.

“Don’t go out of your way for me please” I reply with a sigh. “What’s your company’s function all about then?” he asks curiously. “We’re having some kind of winter masquerade ball this year. Apparently we’ll be allowed to bring a partner.” I reply. I hesitate to ask him since I don’t want it to seem like we’re a serious couple. But before I can ask Dash, he already says he would love to be my date for the night.

There’s a lot of hype around the office, about this year’s party. Sam’s excited that it’s my birthday as well and I am actually going to celebrate it this year. She makes sure that every day we discuss what we’re going to wear and what masks we’re going to get. “I wonder who Vincent will be bringing to the Ball.” Sam asks whilst looking over to his office as he sits with his phone having a good laugh. “The conversation must be quite interesting to make him laugh like that.” She continues. “Why do you care, you’re going with . . . what’s his name again?” I ask puzzled as I can’t remember her new boyfriend’s name even though she has mentioned him a couple of times before. “Julian. And he’s going to look way more handsome than Vincent.” she replies. I chuckle in response. “What’s Dash going to get you for your birthday?” she asks changing the subject. I don’t really want to focus on that. “I don’t know. Don’t really want anything for that matter” I reply. “I’m sure he has something awesome in store for you” she replies. “Let’s go shopping tomorrow for our dresses?” she suggests. “Sure I think I need a girl’s day for a change” I reply.

When I get home, I see Dash waiting for me in his car outside my house. “Hey Lexi”. Dash greets as he comes over to hug me. “Hi, fancy seeing you here?” I respond. “Yeah thought I would surprise you” he replies as we walk through the front door. “So what brings you around?” I ask puzzled, to see him here. “Just wanted to see your beautiful smile and sexy body of course” he replies as he spins me around while I put my bags down on the counter and kisses me. I pull myself away from him before we end up doing something. “Settle down boy!” I joke. “I’m going to make something to eat.” I open the door of the fridge to see what I can prepare while he makes himself comfortable on the sofa. “Why not just order something instead, then we can relax.” He suggests.

“Great idea, I’ll order some pizza” I agree - I not in the mood for cooking anyway. We chat for a while until the food arrives. “Oh yes, what should I wear to this masked ball?” he asks. “It’s up to you, but I imagine that you’d need to wear a tux since it’s a ’ball’” I say sarcastically. But you can where whatever mask you want to.” I replied as I bit into a slice of pizza. He smiled his adorable smile. “Have you decided what you would like for your birthday yet?” he asks probably trying to get a clue as to what he can get me. “I don’t want anything in particular really. There’s nothing that I don’t already have.” I continue. “Okay, in that case I have to cancel my special surprise I already arranged for you.” He replies sarcastically. “Another special surprise?” I ask raising my eyebrows with curiosity. “Of course you deserve to be surprised all the time. Much like having Valentine’s day everyday” he continues wryly. “Maybe we can go have a look tomorrow for something cool to wear.” He asks as we clear up the dishes. “Actually I’m already going with Sam to check out some outfits.” I reply.

We spend the night watching TV. Every time he kisses me, I cut it short. Don’t get me wrong Dash is attractive and his kisses are incredible but it isn’t like it was with Vincent. We end up cuddling on the sofa till the next morning.

The next morning I get a call from Sam, saying that she will pick me up at my place. When Sam gets here she’s surprised to see Dash so early at my place. I think she put two and two together. “Lexi be honest with me, did you and Dash do it?” she asks as we’re driving. “What! We just watched movies the whole night I swear”. I ask taken aback. “Really Lexi, you alone all night with that hotness, I don’t think so” she replies. “I’m just not feeling it yet” I reply. “But anyway so what do you think we should get?” I change the topic. “Well I know this really cool wedding boutique that sells ball gowns as well. I think you would look really hot in a bottle green dress.” There she goes deciding what looks best on me again. So we go to the boutique and try on a number of dresses until we finally find the perfect outfits.

Mine is an emerald green satin long ball gown, while Sam chooses a blue coloured caught-up beaded taffeta ball gown and she looks like a princess. Sam takes a blue silicone dust mask and I an emerald green and gold lace mask. It’s a paper Mache base covered with green satin and gold fishnet tulle, with metallic gold rhinestone, satin ribbon and glittered beads. When we are done we have some lunch and do some further shopping for shoes. Once we’re done, we head back home. “I thought Dash would be back here since he seems to be living here now” Sam jokes. “Not funny Sam, he has a life of his own you know” I reply. I end the day early. Just relaxing on my bed with a very interesting novel, when I see my phone has a message.

Hey Alexis!

Surprised to see who it’s from, I reply.

Hi Vincent! How have you been?

I’ve been great and you? He replies.

Great thanks. I reply.

So I hear it’s your birthday soon.

Yeah, it is. I reply.

Have you planned a big party?

No actually, it’s the company’s masquerade ball that night too so. I reply.

Oh yes, so at least I get to celebrate it with you maybe.

Who says we will celebrate it? I reply.

I’m sure Sam will make it happen along with your boyfriend.

My boyfriend? I think raising an eyebrow.

Well I’ll be away for a while, but it was nice chatting again.

Away? Where?” I ask curiously.

Don’t worry but will see you on your birthday, that’s a promise. He replies.

I’m a bit confused as to why he was going to be away for a while, but I don’t want to pry and just say goodnight. Although I missed talking to him too.

During the next few weeks it’s exactly as Vincent said. He was not going to be here for a while. It feels like he has been gone forever since his office desk looks like he wasn’t going to return. I actually miss seeing him during the day. I wonder where he is so I decide to ask Sam, she can definitely find out or even knows already. “Hey Sam” I say as I approach her desk. “Do you know where Vincent is, he’s been gone for a while now.” I ask. “it’s only been a few weeks Lexi, but I heard that he’s overseas, not quite sure what the reason is, but something to do with his family” she replies with detail. I didn’t know he had family overseas. “Why are you asking?” she asks puzzled. “Just miss seeing him that’s all” I reply nonchalantly.

“So are you all set for tomorrow?” Sam continues. Oh yes it’s my birthday tomorrow, I almost forgot, I think sarcastically. “I guess everything is sorted, just have to check with Dash whether he managed to get a tux.” I reply sardonic. So I call Dash to find out. He mentions that he got a bit more than just a tux and that I had to wait to see what it was.

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