Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 13

The weekend is a gloomy and wet weekend, with rain pouring almost the entire day. Perfect whether for staying indoors with popcorn and a movie. That’s what Dash and I end up doing this weekend. He called me this morning to find out whether we could hang out at my place. We watch movies which he hired and chat about the date and how uncomfortable he felt because we weren’t alone and how bad he felt that he spoiled me with gifts and Sam never got any. I tell him that things never worked out with Vincent and Sam and that they are better off anyway. He feels bad for Sam but admits that they made an odd couple.

“I really want to kiss you now” Dash says as I’m stuffing my face with popcorn. “Perfect timing” I say with a mouth full of popcorn. We laugh and I punch him in the arm. “But no, seriously. I have this urge to kiss you right now” he continues. “Why do you need to ask me?” I respond and he leans over and kisses me. He takes the popcorn bowl from me and places it on the coffee table. We continue kissing as we listen to the rain pouring in the background. We finally took a breather, I fix us something to eat. We chat some more when he finally mentions it. “Please don’t get upset with me but are we now a couple?” I hesitate to answer staring down at my hands. “I mean, I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you into a relationship all of a sudden.” He continues. I’m quite surprised actually. “To be honest Dash, I was thinking of that especially from what happened on Thursday night. I wouldn’t mind to see where this will go but I don’t want it to be a serious thing. For now anyway” I respond confidently. He nods his head showing that he understands. “Does that mean I have to refrain from kissing you when we go out in public?” he asks with puppy dog eyes. I just chuckle, and throw him with a napkin. He laughs and gets up from where he’s sitting to take the dishes to the kitchen. He’s very helpful around the house. We continue to watch movies when my phone vibrates. It’s Vincent again.

What you up to now?

Watching movies with Dash. I reply.

Lucky guy - he responds.

I wanted to apologize for yesterday, you make me lose control – he sends.

“Who is that?” Dash asks noticing my phone constantly vibrating. “It’s Vincent” I reply. I actually tell him the truth for once. “What’s up with him?” he asks. “He needs someone to talk to” I reply. “Well tell him that you’re occupied with a man right now.” he jokes and pushes me over so that I’m lying on my back and kisses me again. I push him back and respond to Vincent.

Can’t talk now, later

Dash pulls me towards him so I’m sitting between his legs and wraps his arms around me from behind. “So my Mom invited you for lunch tomorrow.” He mumbles. “What, really? Haven’t seen them in forever.” I croak. “Yep, she would love to see you. Maybe it’s time.” He smiles and kisses me in the neck. “Maybe you’re right, I need to face them. It’s time to move on, David would want that right” I say sadly. Dash refuses to go home, and I give in and agree that he can stay. He stays up late watching movies, guess he want to make sure that I sleep well. While he sits downstairs, I lay in bed and decide to respond to Vincent.

Hi, are u still awake? I send.

Of course, been waiting for you. So has Dash left already? He replies

No, he’s staying here tonight. I respond.

What! Guess you like having men sleep over these days. He continues.

He lived with me before remember. I reply and smirk.

Yeah, yeah. Stop reminding me. Anyway sleep well my lady. He responds.

Good night Vincent - - I reply.

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