Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 12

The next morning at work Sam and I are all smiles. Everyone is curious to know what is up with the twins. That’s what they call us as we are always together. It’s difficult not to laugh. I am wearing my skinny jeans with a heeled open sandal and a sleeveless lace front inset blouse - casual but stunning. I even make Vincent stop and stare. “I guess the night ended in a high?” Sam asks during lunch. “It was good I guess, just a kiss goodnight that’s all.” I reply shyly. “How was your ending?” I ask her. “It ended” Sam replies sadly. “What do you mean?” I ask baffled. “I ended it, took your advice” Sam replies. “I told him that he needed to be honest, whether he was into me or not” she continues. “Wow Sam. I didn’t expect that” I respond. “Well at least he was honest enough to tell me that he was into someone else” she says with envy. “Did he happen to mention who?” I ask curiously. “No he didn’t want to. It’s better that I don’t know anyway” she replies suspiciously. I breathe a sigh of relief, glad he never said anything and also glad that she was okay with it. “Maybe I could get a guy like Dash. He was so amazing last night” she continues. When I get back to the office my phone vibrates. It’s a text from Vincent. The text reads.

You look so sexy today, it’s driving me crazy!

I look up and see him smiling at me.

I shake my head and chuckle but don’t reply. Then another text comes through.

Stop ignoring me that makes me want you even more.

Then another text after I ignore him again. Then he calls my office phone.

“Hello” I answer.

“Why are you ignoring me? I need to speak to you.” He asks. “I’m not ignoring you. I just don’t have anything to say to you” I reply. “Well I need to speak to you, can you meet me in the meeting room quickly?” He asks nervously. “Why? You can speak to me now?” I say figuring that he probably wants to speak to me about Sam. “Please I’d rather speak to you in person privately” he replies. “Fine. I’ll get you there in 5 minutes” I reply with a sigh. So I meet him in the meeting room, he books it so that no one can disturb us. “So what do you want to talk about?” I ask. “You probably heard by now what happened last night?” He starts. “Yes. Sam told me. Thank you for not telling her about what happened with us” I reply. “That’s the other thing, I wanted to talk about” he continues. “What, about us?” I ask. “It seems that Dash and you hit it off well, so I guess you’re a couple now” he replies. “I know it seemed that way but I haven’t discussed a relationship with him. That was our first date” I reply.

“So there’s still a chance for us?” He asks inching closer to me. “I don’t know Vincent” I reply. He touches my hand as I say this. There’s that electricity charge again. I quickly pull my hand away as I feel my heart start to beat faster. “I think we need to just leave each other alone for a while” I continue solemnly. “No, I don’t want that” he pleads. “I love being with you” he continues. “I just need to think Vincent” I reply and get up from where we are sitting. “Come on Alexis” he continues and gets up after me. He tugs me by the hand; straight into his arms. He puts his hand behind my neck and kisses me vehemently. I manage to push him off and glower at him for that. But instead of me turning around and walking away I grab him and kiss him back with vehemence too. He pulls me closer and holds on tighter. My heart pounds so hard that my chest starts hurting. He pushes me up against the wall and squeezes my butt. I run my fingers through his hair as he kisses my neck and I think of that night. This has to stop now. I push him back. “Stop . . . Vincent stop” I stammer. “Okay, okay” he replies, running his fingers through his hair exasperated. I take a deep breath and exhale heavy to calm myself down. “I need to go” I say.

I return to my office, my heart still beating fast. I need to calm down I tell myself. Vincent walks into his office, looking flustered too, his hair wet. He probably went to the restroom to cool down. I watch him write down something, then he holds it up. I’M SORRY! I just look away. What am I doing? Dash made it clear last night that he was in love with me and here I am messing around behind his back with the person that hurt my friend’s feelings. To be fair to myself, I haven’t made it clear to Dash that I want a relationship – frankly I’m not even sure if I want to get into a serious relationship right now.

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