Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 11

Today I find myself wishing the time can fly by. Sam’s grinning from ear-to-ear the entire day. Vincent is his usual devilish self, blowing kisses at me from across the office. I just roll my eyes whenever he does, which makes him laugh. As the day draws to an end I see Sam with Vincent, probably discussing the details of the night. She’s so thrilled. Then she comes over to me. “So all is sorted for tonight. Meet us in the foyer” she says gleefully. “Okay, Dash is coming on his own so he will look for you if I’m not there yet” I reply. “Great” she responds and leaves my office with a skip. I makes sure I leave before Vincent – don’t want a repeat of yesterday – not when I’m seeing Dash tonight. Have to stay focused.

I get home at about five o’ clock which gives me just an hour and a half to get ready – traffic was a nightmare this evening. I get the dress on and fix my hair which is in layers with some curls. Add some accessories and make-up. Look in the mirror – I look fantastic. At about six – fifteen I’m off in my car hoping that traffic has settled by now. No such luck, but I don’t panic. I send Sam a text to ask if they’re there already and she replies yes they are, even Dash had already arrived. She even mentions that he and Vincent seem to be getting along. I reply that I might be a bit late and they should wait for me since I don’t want to walk alone in the restaurant and she agrees. I get there at about seven-twenty, not too late but not early either. As I walk in by the restaurant doors, I feel like a model on a catwalk, heads turning; taking double takes. It’s like slow motion entry. I see the guys and Sam standing ahead, the guys have their backs facing the door so they don’t see me come in. Sam starts smiling her wide smile which catches the attention of the guys and she tells Dash to turn around.

I start blushing, with a shy smile – looking to the ground as Dash nearly falls backwards when he sees me. A huge grin across his face. Vincent turns around too and his eye catches mine. His eyes shine appreciatively when he sees me. That’s the longest walk ever, I think in my head. Dash meets me halfway and at the same time Vincent takes a step forward to approach me too but then he makes like he stumbles over something when he sees Dash moving towards me. Guess he realised that he was Sam’s date tonight instead of mine. Dash stands in front of me and touches my face. “I missed you beautiful” he says soft-spoken. I smile blushing and peer over his shoulder at Vincent – pure jealousy on his face. Sam signals for us to get to the table, Dash takes my hand and leads me through.

Once we reach our table, Dash is a real gentleman as he pulls out the chair for me to be seated. I can get use to this as Vincent did the same thing. “Thank you Dash” I say as he sits opposite me. Immediately Vincent does the same for Sam but he ensures that Sam sits next to Dash leaving the seat next to me for him. Part of his game plan I suspect. Vincent signals the waiter. “Can we have a bottle of your finest champagne please?” he asks. “Yes sir right away” the waiter replies. “How fantastic is this” Sam purrs eagerly. “This place is really stylish” Dash adds. “Not as stylish as these ladies look tonight, right Dash?” Vincent compliments winking at me. “Yes they look absolutely ravishing tonight” Dash agrees. “So Dash I believe you’re the twin brother of Lexi’s late boyfriend?” Vincent asks. “Yes” Dash answers. “So Vincent how long have you worked with the ladies?” Dash asks in return. It seems like this is going to be a question and answer session. “Only a short while now” Vincent replies.

“So what’s good on the menu, I’m starving” I intervene. “Yes, they say the starters are good” Sam agrees quickly. “Shushi for me please” I choose after scanning the starter menu briefly. “I second that” Vincent responds, nudging me in the shoulder. Dash smiles but he definitely notices. “Guess I will have the cheese and garlic bread” Dash chooses his starter. “Well I think I will go with the soup rather” Sam selects hers. The waiter eventually returns with the champagne and Vincent offers to pour it for us. “We should make a toast?” Sam suggests. “What to?” I ask. “To new beginnings” Dash responds. “To new beginnings” we all cheer. Vincent clinks his glass with everyone and lastly with mine. As I am drinking, I feel his hand land on my thigh, and nearly choke. “You okay?” Dash asks. I show him a thumb up with my hand as I wipe my mouth with my napkin. Sam laughs and says that maybe I shouldn’t have anymore. I then remove Vincent’s hand from my thigh. I knew he had some ideas for tonight.

When the waiter takes our order we sit in silence for a while after the toast. “Dash how are your parents?” Sam breaks the ice. “They’re doing great, happy that I’m back permanently” he replies. “I can imagine that they must be, I mean you left so suddenly after . . . you know” Sam continues ending softly. “How did it happen, if I may ask?” Vincent asks politely. “I’d rather not talk about it please” I answer. Vincent looks at me with sympathy then apologizes. “On a lighter note - what have you guys been up to?” Dash asks changing the subject. “Nothing much” I respond. “Just work” Sam replies. “How long have you been together?” Dash asks Sam and Vincent. Vincent immediately responds “Well we’re not together really. More like . . .” he stops as Sam looks at him with disappointment because she believed in her mind that they were together. “Okay, maybe that’s the wrong thing to ask” Dash replies. I kick Vincent in the leg after that. “I think I need to go to the restroom, Sam come with me please” I say as I know this is going nowhere. “Excuse us please” Sam says disappointedly. Vincent and Dash remain at the table drinking, let’s see what they get up to I think in my head.

When we get the restroom, I ask Sam if she’s okay. “Yes don’t worry, I guess you were right, I was a bit too hasty.” She replies. “Don’t worry if he’s not ready, there will be someone else for you” I say trying to lift her spirits. I hated lying to Sam but I couldn’t tell her the truth. We return to the table and the mood seems to have changed. Dash and Vincent are laughing at something but I don’t bother asking. The starters eventually arrive and we enjoy it. I try to get Dash to at least try some sushi just once but he refuses – definitely not like his brother. “You’re missing out buddy” Vincent comments. “I can’t stand that either Dash, you’re not alone” Sam responds pulling her face. “Come on Dash just one piece please” I plead. “Okay, okay I’ll stop asking” I continue. “I’ll take it then” Vincent says as he takes my hand and places the piece in his mouth. “Hey” I chide. “It’s almost like last weekend remember. . .” Vincent says unconsciously. I punch him on his arm. “What happened last weekend?” Sam asks curious to know what he’s referring to. “Oh nothing, I just told Lexi of what happened to me over the weekend” Vincent says quickly improvising. “Yeah, he had an incident with sushi” I quickly agree trying not to look suspicious.

When the starters are done, we place our orders for the main course. We continue to chat about various things. From Vincent’s impressive knowledge of champagnes to the latest movie we watched. The date seems to be moving smoothly from thereon. “Oh yes, I almost forgot” Dash says eagerly. “I have another surprise for you” he continues as he takes a box out of his blazer pocket. “You’re full of surprises, first the flowers now another one” Sam responds jealously. He opens the box and it’s a beautiful white gold chain with a pendant. The pendant is the letter D in Cubic zirconia crystals. “Oh my gosh. Dash! It’s beautiful” I respond. “I can’t accept this; it must have cost a fortune.” I continue. “Don’t be silly, I thought it could remind you of David and of me of course.” Dash continues. He gets up from his seat and comes over to put the chain around my neck. Once he’s done, he gently kisses me on the check. I can see the envy on Vincent’s face but he plays it cool.

Vincent turns to me and asks if I would like to dance since Sam had excused herself from the table again. “If that’s okay with you of course? He asks Dash. “Sure, it’s cool” Dash replies. “Well Lexi, shall we?” Vincent asks while holding his hand out. “Okay” I agree up tightly. It’s a slow song playing so I have to keep my cool since I’m going to be close to Vincent. “So Dash is a nice guy” Vincent says as we dance. I smile as I agree. “I never knew he was so romantic” I respond. “Even more romantic than me?” Vincent asks sarcastically. “I don’t know, you haven’t shown your romantic side yet tonight” I reply, signaling to Sam with my eyes as she returns to the table. “Well you know the reason for that” he continues. “She’s not the one I want to be romantic with.”

“Why did you ask me to dance Vincent?” I ask him. “Is it not obvious? It’s the only way I could get to hold your body close to mine. I have been dying to touch you ever since you came in with this sexy dress on – its driving me crazy” he replies pulling me closer. I take a quick glance at Dash as he does this, making sure he doesn’t notice, but he’s busy talking to Sam. “What’s wrong Lexi, scared Dash might get upset?” Vincent responds to my reaction. He rubs his check against mine and whispers in my ear. “I know your heart is pounding right now. I know the effect I have on you and you know it too. You have the same effect on me.” He says teasingly and takes a quick whiff of my neck. “You smell delicious.” He murmurs. I keep my cool, trying not to show how incredibly weak I am right now. The music stops and we return to the table. As I’m about to sit down, Dash jumps up. “My turn” he says as he comes over and takes my hand leading me back to the dance floor. Vincent then asks Sam to dance as well, taking into account what I had told him. It’s another slow dance and Dash is a true gentleman, holding me close enough for me to breath and close enough for me to lay my head on his chest.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met” he whispers in my ear. I tilt my head up to look him in the eye. “I now know why David loved you so much. He was crazy about you too” he continues. This brings a huge smile to my face. He traces my cheek with his hand, lifts my chin with his fingers and leans over to kiss me. It’s a passionate kiss as I feel him pull me closer. Then I place my head on his chest again and can hear his heart beating fast. My eyes are closed and when I open them I see Vincent glowering at me whilst dancing with Sam. He saw the kiss and looks a bit disappointed but just winks at me. The night ends on a good note. Since I’m there with my own vehicle Dash offers to drive behind me till I get home. He pulls in my driveway behind me as I pull the car in the garage. Then He walks me to the door. “I would invite you in but …” I say as I unlock my front door. “No. don’t worry. I know its work tomorrow and I guess you must be tired.” Dash replies. I turn around to say goodnight and he leans over to kiss me. “Hope I get to see you soon?” He says as he leaves.

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