Love Torn

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 10

Arrived at work late this morning, I overslept. Everyone looks at me all strange. Do I look a mess, because I sure feel like a mess? I unlock my office, and I’m almost trampled over by Sam. “You’re so late, what the heck happened to you?” she chides. “I know, I know.” I reply agitated. “You do know that the meeting started like 15 minutes ago.” She continues. “I know Sam, no need to remind me.” I respond rudely. “You better get in there.” She replies as she’s leaves my office after I’m so rude to her. I knock on the boardroom door and enter to all eyes on me. Embarrassed, I nearly let my documents fall out of my hand. “Nice of you to finally join us Ms. Jones.” Says Peter, one of the Senior Managers. “Sorry I’m late” I apologize blushing redder than ever. As I sit down my eyes fall on Vincent sitting on the other end looking down at his notes with a smirk on his face, shaking his head. John sits next to me. ”Where the heck have you been?” he asks. “Sorry, just had a rough night - overslept.” I reply softly. “Today of all days.” He chides, because today is an important meeting with the heads of departments which takes place every few months. Luckily I’m not presenting anything this time. During the meeting I catch myself looking at Vincent thinking of what happened. He doesn’t look at me once. When the meeting is over, I return to my office and take a sigh of relief as I sit down at my desk. Thank goodness there are no repercussions for my tardiness, since my reputation was spotless.

I look across the way into Vincent’s office and I see him chatting away on his phone, as if nothing happened the day before. Why am I the one that feels awkward about yesterday and not him? Well I did ask him not to say anything about it. As I watch, he turns my way and blows me an air kiss with his hand this catches me by surprise so I pretend to be looking at my PC screen and he just laughs.

During lunchtime I am busy making myself a cup of coffee as I don’t feel like going out for lunch with Sam. As I stand there and I feel a warm breeze being blown onto my neck. I turn clumsily and it’s Vincent standing in front of me smiling. “Hello Alexis” he greets. “Hi Vincent, you gave me a fright” I answer uneasily. “I thought you were upset with me?” I continue. “I am” he says briefly. I’m a bit confused. “But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want you right now” he continues and inches closer to me; pressing me against the kitchen counter. I nearly spill my coffee. I feel butterflies in my stomach forming. “You’re not funny Vincent; let me go before someone sees.” I ask shyly, worried that someone might walk in. “So what, let them see” he continues; still pressing up against me. “Someone’s coming” I push him and he moves away. I am right as one of the staff members walk in. Then I leave for my office, not even looking behind me as I hear him greet the other person. What’s Vincent thinking, one minute he’s ignoring me and the next he’s teasing me, knowing that I can’t resist him, especially when he stands so close to me. I felt like ripping his clothes off there and then.

“Is Dash still away?” Sam asks as we walk together to our cars after work. “Yes, he’s still gone till end of this week” I answer. “Vincent and I are going out on Thursday night” she continues. “Oh really. That’s nice” I reply. So he is continuing to see her. “Yes, he asked me this morning” she continues. “Pity that Dash isn’t here, we could’ve had a double date.” “Oh no, no. That’s not a good idea” I reply quickly. “Why not, it would be cool.” Sam replies. “I just don’t think he’s into that sort of thing, besides I doubt Vincent would enjoy it either.” I continue. “Actually he’s the one that suggested it, that’s why he asked when Dash was back.” She says shrugging her shoulders. Why would Vincent want to have a double date with Dash and I, what game is he playing?

When I get home I decide to fix me some supper. Finally sitting down to enjoy a nice meal watching TV, my phone rings. “Hello” I answer. “Hi Lex, it’s me Dash” he responds. “Hi Dash, how are you doing?” I continue. “I’m doing great now, since I’m hearing your voice again” he says with excitement in his voice. He sounds as if he’s calling from a public phone. “I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be back home a bit earlier than planned and I would love to take you out when I’m back.” He continues. “When are you back exactly?” I ask. “I’ll be back on Wednesday night. Do you want to go out then?” he asks. I think that it could be a good thing, but then I remember that Sam and Vincent wanted to do a double date and think okay, if Vincent wants to play games let’s see what he has in store. “Well Sam – you remember Sam? She asked me if we would like to have a double date with herself and another colleague of ours. If you’re okay with that of course? I ask. “Sure that would be great, as long as I get to see you soon” he agrees. “Can’t wait to see you” he ends the call. I sit there thinking - what have I got myself into now - shaking my head. But I send Sam a text to say that we are doing the double date and she responds that she’s so excited Dash agreed to it, and that she’s going to let Vincent know. About ten minutes later I receive another text it’s Vincent:

So I’m going to meet this Dash person I hear -

Yes and you better be on your best behavior. I reply.

He then sends a picture of an angel face –

In the morning Sam waits for me at my office door. “Morning Lexi, I’m so excited for Thursday evening, it’s so cool we both have dates” she says as I opened my office door. I’m not so excited. “Sure it’s going to be cool” I reply glumly. We get ourselves some coffee and sit in my office, when Vincent joins us. He looks extremely good-looking this morning in his Navy blue suit, which makes his eyes pop with colour. “Morning ladies” he greets. “Hi Vinnie” Sam greets with a big smile. “Vinnie” I laugh. He glowers at me. “So are we on for Thursday then?” He asks sarcastically. “Yes of course” Sam replies. “Right” I answer too. “I will think of a nice romantic place we could go to” Sam suggests. “Not too romantic though!” I interrupt. “Why? Are you worried you might fall in love with Dash?” Vincent teases. “No. Just don’t want it to seem too serious.” I answer glowering. He shakes his head smiling. What game is he playing? “See you later ladies” he says leaving my office. “He looks so strikingly hot today, doesn’t he?” Sam says grinning, while staring at his behind. “Whatever” I reply, but in my mind I agree with her totally. It kills me how attracted I am to him.

He sits in his office taunting me. He writes on a paper – CANT WAIT TO MEET DASH! And holds it up laughing silently like a little imp up to mischief. If he sat closer to me I would’ve thrown him with a book. But this tension is exciting, it makes dealing with my confused emotions easier to handle instead of me drowning in them. During lunch Sam and I decide to go to the mall. She insists on getting some new outfits for our double date. She says we need to ’knock the guys off their feet’. Sam decides to go with a sexy figure hugging three quarter length black dress. I decide on a deep red coloured, shirred satin knee length sophisticated cocktail dress. Sam books a fancy restaurant on the upper side of Town, a place that I have never been to before and probably could not afford to go too just for fun.

On Wednesday, she tells me that our reservation was confirmed and we need to be there by 19h00 and that we can just get each other in the foyer. At about eleven o’ clock I get a call from Dash. “Hi Alexis.” Baffled by him calling me by my full name, I answer, “Hello Dash.” “Just letting you know that I’m back” he continues. “Great news, glad you returned safely. I’ll see you tomorrow then?” I reply. “Yes, of course. I wanted to know if I could meet you guys at the venue instead though?” he asks. “That’s fine” I reply. “Are you sure about that, I don’t want to inconvenience you” he says with concern. “No, its fine don’t worry” I reply. “I might have a surprise for you too” he continues. “Really? Like what?” I ask while smiling. “If I told you Lex, it wouldn’t be a surprise” he responds. “I’ll speak to you later.” I wonder what surprise he had for me I thought.

The day is fairly quiet; no meetings, no deadlines. I’m just catching up on some reading on the internet when I get a call from Sally the receptionist. “Hi Alexis, here’s a delivery for you, can I bring it through?” she asks. I’m quite surprised since I never really get deliveries. “For me? Yes you can.” I respond in shock. When Sally comes through to my office, she’s holding a huge bouquet of Red Roses. Everyone gapes and gawks, even Vincent raises his head to see what the commotion is about. I read the card – ‘Sexy roses for a super sexy lady! – Dash’. I flush as red as these roses. I can’t believe that he remembered how much I loved roses. Immediately Sam runs into my office, after hearing from another staff member. “Let me see, let me see. Are they from Dash?” she asks excitedly. “Yes . . . yes” I stutter. “Wow, he’s so sweet” she exclaims. Once the commotion settles, I call Dash. “Hi Lex, hope you like them” he answers without even giving me a chance. “I can’t believe you remembered.” I reply. “Always. David’s twin remember” he replies. “Thank you Dash, they’re beautiful.” I continue. After ending the call, I get a message on the internal messenger system from Vincent.

Nice flowers, let me guess, from Dash?

Yes they are. I reply.

He sends a frustrated face -

Don’t be jealous, I’m sure Sam will send you one too. I reply sarcastically.

How sweet Dash was and unexpected. Never took him for a romantic at all. Maybe I should see where this could lead to I think to myself. This makes me excited to see him. The bouquet is the talk of the day at the office. Every female keeps asking me, who sent it; who the special person is; etc.?

While walking to my car with the flowers, I hear Vincent call me from behind. “Hey, Alexis. Wait!” He comes running towards me as I stand waiting. “Let me help you, you like you’re about to fall over with all these things.” He says as he takes the flowers from me. “Thank you, but you didn’t need to” I reply handing them to him. “My pleasure” he replies politely. I am baffled why is he being so polite all of a sudden? I think. He places the flowers carefully in my car. “There you go” he says. “Thanks, see you tomorrow” I say as I’m about to open the car door. He pushes the door shut before I can get in and stands in front of me. “Not so fast” he says with a grin. “Hey” I scold with my back against the door. He leans over me the same way he did in the kitchen, this sends my heart racing again. “Just wanted to give you a kiss good-bye” he says as he brushes his lips against mine. His lips softly touches mine. This makes my knees go weak. I hate when he does that knowing the effect it has on me. I can’t or rather I don’t want to push him away, but he pulls back and says “Good evening Miss Jones” and turns around and walks to his car. I clamber into the car and take a few breathes to calm my pounding heart before heading home.

I decide to take a nice relaxing bubble bath and all I can think of is the events of the week so far. The incident in the kitchen and then again in the parking area. Why do I have that reaction to him? Why does my heart pound every time he’s so close to me? Does he know the effect he has on me? Is that the reason why he teases me like that? These questions run through my head the whole time. Then I think of the bouquet of flowers and how excited Dash sounded knowing that he was going to see me soon. I sit in my bed later, busy with a crossword puzzle when I get a text from Dash:

So what you doing now?

Nothing much just sitting with a puzzle. I respond.

Okay, I’m just laying here in bed thinking of you. He replies.

I will text you the venue details for tomorrow night, you can just wait in the foyer for Samantha if you get there first. I reply.

You see Dash knows Sam, we were all at the same University together.

Great, will to be nice to see her again. He replies.

What’s the dress code? He asks.

Formal. I reply.

So what are you going to wear?’ he asks.

You have to wait and see. I reply.

Not fair. He responds.

But you look stunning in anything. I shall come dressed in formal attire. He teases.

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