The Elements Of Life

By Essie S. Nix All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Fantasy


A verity of different poems, ranging from elements to fairies. All fantasy was written, all colorful, written for the fun of it and enjoyment of others.

The Colors of You

Unknown to your eyes, and the ones around you,

You radiate a thousand beautiful colors that surround your ever being.

Only I can see,

Only I can know.

I see the very existence of your being, shown by the different angles of reflected light,

Dancing privately around you, swirling and twirling.

Pink, is the warm blossoming of the kindness shown within.

Dark blue, the color of the darkest waters, is the color of all the secrets you keep hidden.

Silver, is for all the unknown that surrounds you like thin mist that dances around your skin.

Red, the color of blood that runs through your veins, is the life of your very existence.

Turquoise, the color of the sea that was once full of adventure, now laid dormant.

White, the purest of all that glows brightly, the love that you hold so dear.

The natural trait for finding trouble is brown that weaves around your chest, in a snake-like fashion.

Black, the color that appears right after the moon vanishes from the sky, is all the fears that are sealed.

You once asked, when can I see them?

My only answer to you back then was patience, dear one, patience.

Give them time, and they will one day appear to you,

Showing you their divine presence,

But until that day to come, you must wait.

They dance around you to this day; still, you are unaware of their appearance.

You are unaware of them in myth, and can sense their presence, but have yet to come eye to eye to with one .

Soft purple mixed in with a lively green, like a vision of grassy hill turned mountain, is your once known innocence that slowly started to get dissolved as time wears by.

A darkening yellow almost gold, is your happiness that flows from you in positive waves as bright as the sun.

They’re known of with each region;

They might have different names, Spirits, Fairies, Arctic Lights,

They may have different legends based off them, but they’re all based off that one thing.

It doesn’t matter to them, they simply reflect what you’re feeling,

Showing the world your soul.

Kind, warmth, anger, frustration, hurt, love, truth,

They show all of these emotions to you with the colors that illuminate around you,

They, the true beings.

The Colors Of You.

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