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By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Children


What advice and facts will you find in this poem?

Chapter 1

When it’s Christmastime,

We need to be more selfless.

That is good advice.

We are happier.

That is because it’s Christmas.

Princesses say so.

When a surprise comes,

Hang in there til Christmas Day.

It will be here soon.

When it’s Christmas Day,

Celebrate with your best friend.

Find your best buddy.

Show your gratitude.

Spread your wings and give your heart.

Others will be blessed.

Make sure you behave.

Saint Nicholas rewards you.

Smart people know that.

When loved ones are here,

There will be nothing to fear.

Just stay positive.

When people are friends,

They leave arguments behind.

May their friendships last.

When it’s Christmastime,

People sing holiday tunes.

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