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Key to the Endless Abyss

By Celin Chen All Rights Reserved ©



A book filled with poems about a girl who fell into the abyss with no way out. Except one.

Hello Mr. Sun

Oh hello Mr. Sun.
It’s nice to see you again.
Are you still on the run
From the man who shot down your brothers?

Oh hello Mr. Sun.
How long will you stay today?
Would you like to play and have some fun?
I hope you’re not allergic to tea!

Oh hello Mr. Sun.
Is it time for you to go?
Thank you for all that you’ve done!
Please come back to visit soon!

Goodbye now Mr. Sun.
Don’t you worry now.
Mrs. Moon will look out for everyone.
Now go rest up for another day of your escapades!

I love you Mr. Sun.
Please come visit again soon.

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novicemaster: The imagery in this prose poem is glorious. I love the way you manipulate words. You seem to have harnessed them to bend to your every whim. The slightly archaic ones like "whilst" make this resemble a fairytale. The entire idea of a prose poem is brilliant. I didn't get the ending at first, but ...

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