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By Kim Plasket All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1


Never thought it would come to this,

where I hurt so bad what was left of my

heart is shattered.

The smile on my face is just for show, you never

really see behind the smile, or maybe

you do but you really don’t care.

I used to think things would be different

now I know I never mattered.

Broken heart or broken soul either

way what is broken can never be

made right again.

A piece will always be gone and

someday that piece will be me.

I wonder if if my death would matter to you

wonder if you would even cry.

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novicemaster: The imagery in this prose poem is glorious. I love the way you manipulate words. You seem to have harnessed them to bend to your every whim. The slightly archaic ones like "whilst" make this resemble a fairytale. The entire idea of a prose poem is brilliant. I didn't get the ending at first, but ...

ItsAnnier: Great original idea! Long poems don't often hold me, but yours did to the end and made me want more of the story. Was it a Crime of passion with the murderer returning to the crime scene? I hope further poems will tell me more!

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