The Secret Journal of Augustus V.

By Cláudia All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Drama


Born in 1501 in Italy, Augustus was the 3rd child and the only alive. The Villacorta family had a secret legacy, meaning that all boys within the age of 18 would join the “Witch Hunt Camp” in Val Camonica in eastern Lombardy. This was the child’s destiny. On the day he walked through the fences of the camp, a mysterious path begun, where he embraces his full potential becoming one of the bests and most respected witch hunters in the area. Augustus during his fresh years as apprentice received a gift from his grandmother, an handmade leather journal along with an aquamarine talisman. With the gift she left a note: “Men and women are stars, vessels of the light, drawn to the darkness of the sky and raised by the mother of the night.”.

Hunter's bell .6811.

Baptise the souls of the hundred men,
For thy mercy
Is what keeps them alive,
For thy love
Is what cherish
The wounded hearts,
Who have marched
On your Divine path
And have faith in you
My Lord;
Free the haunted ones
And spare who hides
In the shadows of the night.

Augustus V.
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