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You broke me.
Shattered my heart into a million pieces
Leaving me all alone
To pick up the shards and put them back together,
A puzzle where each piece looks identical to the other
Yet none of which fit together.

You broke me,
Along with my spirit and dreams,
Drained my future of any colour
And deprived me of a happy ending.

You tore me to shreds,
Leaving behind a whirlpool of emotions,
Each fighting for the spotlight in my heart,
Making me wonder who I am
For months to come after.

You suffocated me with your lifestyle,
Wants, demands, desires.
Too much thrown at me all at once to handle
Pushing me into overdrive,
Making me lose my mind
And most importantly, my individuality.

And in your memory I am left as a failed experiment,
A doll
Which you couldn’t design to please you the way you wanted to.
A plaything, discarded once her trial expired
And a better one came along.

And no, I am not grateful.
I am not thankful, happy or glad
Despite the lessons I have learned.
Because nothing can quiet my heart and mind
And erase the pain and suffering you have caused me
And I despise you for it.

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