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Nectar Thoughts

By Stephanie Folts All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Fantasy

Welcome To My World

Come to a new world where faces are free of scars.

Gaze at the new possibilities in the endless amount of stars.

Paradise isn’t always so far away,

But I’ll need to keep walking another day.

Maybe I’m too broken to see everything this world could hold,

Maybe I’m the reason I’m always shivering and cold.

It’s not right that I feel like a failure in a world of success,

I should feel right where I belong..and nothing less.

I wish all my dreams could come true,

And not just the ones that I’ve told you.

The ones where the world is a brilliant, unbelievable hue.

A color to which no name has yet been created.

And my imaginary friends are the ones who give me my paintbrush.

But I rode the rainbow countless times,

Like a hill-top roller-coaster that sears through a cloud.

And as I’m screaming perfect joy, a smile crosses the horizon,

Somehow in my dreams...I know I’ll eventually be alright.

Night falls and I’m no longer scared,

My shadow leaves me without a doubt,

I am unprepared for the adventure.

But I don’t need anything to keep me going,

I need constant curiosity and a craving for exploration,

I need to let my tears freeze in the crystal rain.

I’ll chase my shadow, knowing over and over again,

That where it goes will be my way.

The snow sprinkles over pine trees,

As I watch, I don’t look where I’m going,

The best paths made are the ones where your feet never touch the ground.

Now give me a reason for why I’m wrong,

To want to stay as young as I possibly can.

Give me an explanation for where to go,

Because I won’t want to go there again.

You can’t tell me what I need to do,

You can’t tell me there is a better way.

I’ll fly on the wings of a dragon,

And there isn’t a thing anyone in this world could say.

To change my mind and my dreams,

Is like throwing a rock at a brick wall.

You may damage the surface but the protection still stands,

I will never fall.

Don’t rain on my parade,

Don’t make me feel hopeless.

I may be a dot on the map to you,

But to me...I’m everywhere at once.

You don’t know my creations,

They are too impossible to grasp.

I try to tell you the best I can,

But I’d have to give you everything I am.

And I don’t know what I am.

I still need a chance to figure it out.

Give me rain, dark clouds, thunder, and lightening.

I’ll show you a storm you’ve never seen.

Give me a chance,

Because it’s the little things in life that are free.

A smile, laughter, a hug and a kiss.

These are the things I’ll always adore and never miss.

Immortality is a wonder,

I wonder if it’s something I could be.

The supernatural never ever haunts me.

Take the hand of a spirit that knows your name,

Don’t run from something you cannot see.

And as I’m telling you this now,

I’m always dreaming of something better to be.

I want to dive into the ocean,

Feel life at every limb.

I want to swim with dolphins under a pink and purple sky,

As waves roll over and kiss me goodnight.

I don’t want to fear the angry sharks below.

What has fear ever done for me?

Holding me back, tempting me to run,

That’s not the life I want for me.

Welcome to this creation,

That is simply all my own.

Welcome to a vibrant ecstasy of the unknown and the unimaginable,

And just try to tell me that you don’t want to stay here too.

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