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Haikus for Christmas

By Laraine Smith All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Children


Inspiration came from both the website for Panoramic Images and the soundtrack for "The Peanuts Movie."

Chapter 1

(HAIKU #1) A Swedish Gingerbread House!

A gingerbread house;

Candlelight glows from windows!

It comes from Sweden!

(HAIKU #2) Come To Chicago!

Outside theatres,

Christmas horns play their music!

Come to Chicago!

(HAIKU #3) Skating Rinks Are Full!

On Christmas Morning,

New York City comes alive!

Skating rinks are full!

(HAIKU #4) Everyone Dances!

There are violins!

There are also guitars, too!

Everyone dances!

(HAIKU #5) Grown-Ups Are Kids Now!

There is jazz playing!

Games are also being played!

Grown-ups are kids now!

(HAIKU #6) Candles in the Windows!

Christmastime at night;

Candles shine in the windows!

They are magical!

(HAIKU #7) Candles Of Christmas!

Candles of Christmas,

They are bright, just like the stars!

They are magical!

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