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Her Life

By Emmalee Reynolds All Rights Reserved ©



A story written in poetry style about a girls life. Follow her as she gives small poems about her everyday experience, the ups and downs of her life.


You're like a drug,
So goo that I can't get enough.
But what is it?
The thing that draws me in,
And leaves me high.
Is it your chocolate eyes,
Or your caramel skin?
Maybe it's your silky, smooth attitude.
Who knows,
But it's drawing me closer, and closer.
I'll drown in the high.

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Kei Angelus: Hello!I'm looking for short stories to adapt into scripts, and this one is one of them :)I think your poetry writing style is a little similar to mine. I like how you relate the Anxiety to the other emotions. I could already imagine how I can 'translate' this into a play.So, do you mind if someda...

ItsAnnier: Great original idea! Long poems don't often hold me, but yours did to the end and made me want more of the story. Was it a Crime of passion with the murderer returning to the crime scene? I hope further poems will tell me more!

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