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Her Life

By Emmalee Reynolds All Rights Reserved ©



A story written in poetry style about a girls life. Follow her as she gives small poems about her everyday experience, the ups and downs of her life.


You're like a drug,
So goo that I can't get enough.
But what is it?
The thing that draws me in,
And leaves me high.
Is it your chocolate eyes,
Or your caramel skin?
Maybe it's your silky, smooth attitude.
Who knows,
But it's drawing me closer, and closer.
I'll drown in the high.

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The Magnum Font: I really like your rhyming couplets and the images you paint with your writing style. It's simple yet complex, and simplicity can go a long way, especially with poetry like this.I think the messages in the poems are weaved into it in a clever way. Keep up the great work!

crissy: Awesome work. The characters are so beautifully flawed and easy to relate to. The protagonist Bethany Hill is a woman that I would definitely want to meet in real life. The author has managed to make me visualize the story like a movie. The two time frames of past and present are also so beautifu...

novicemaster: The imagery in this prose poem is glorious. I love the way you manipulate words. You seem to have harnessed them to bend to your every whim. The slightly archaic ones like "whilst" make this resemble a fairytale. The entire idea of a prose poem is brilliant. I didn't get the ending at first, but ...

Deleted User: I smiled and loved the expressive way you painted a picture in my mind, one which​ took to a life within and flew to my heart. Thank you.Please keep writing. Regards Jenny.

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