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Loves Journey A tour of Love

By Robert Nathan Lee All Rights Reserved ©

Poetry / Romance


I have found my hearts dedication existing in soulful vibrations, Exhilaration takes my passionate desires in sensations; Explicit meanings of love reach within down further than expected, Bringing me into the light of love as my spirit rejoices in delighted.

Heart of Dreams

“Heart Of Dreams”

Sweet tenderness

Every part of you

Forever I want to know

All the love you possess

As much as a warmed ocean

As deep as the red sea

To you my eternal love, I bow

In a heart dedicated in loyalty

Rewarded with her Tender love

I’m Forever Blessed to feel

In a heart cascading reasons of

found in a love that’s real

My sweet tender love

I love you

As I love breathing

I’ll always love you

All Eternity

As I need my heart beating

In every breath are you

Filling my soul in Passion

To know such a heart as yours

Is blissful heavenly adoration

As I found in you my souls adoration

I found a Heart of dreams can come true

By: Robert Nathan Lee


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1. Heart of Dreams
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