Cry wolf

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His head slowly turned towards me and his glowing yellow crazy eyes pierced my soul. My body paralyzed in fear stood still as the huge monster slowly turned around, blood red liquid pooling out of his yellow canines. His mouth seemed to plaster a satisfied grin. I knew that running wasn't going to save me. He was going to get me. 'G-g-get away from me', I cried out, my voice quivering under the fear. The monster seemed to be laughing lightly as he slowly paced towards me. 'You-', I started as beads of sweat started pearling down my temple. '-fucking monster.' The beast snapped his jaw, sending droplets and splashes of red blood everywhere around. A white drape caught my attention. Instantly my eyes wandered towards it. There she was, as expected. A still figure draped in a long white translucent sheet. The woman in white. ~*~ A/N: Thank you for stopping by. I will update every week; every Tuesdays afternoon (Europe time). This novel will contain violent scenes and words; you have been warned. I hope you'll support the novel if you are interested in it; it will boost me in my writing. good read


Shinning high above the sky, the round moon shone a gentle light above the deep and dark pine tree forest. A light breeze came gushing among the trees making the branches and leaves flutter in the wind.

Large boots tread on the muddy soil of the forest floor. With a steady pace the man wandered around as his eyes scanned intently the most darkest corners of the area.

Taking a sudden halt the man stayed still as his senses were at their most efficient.

His gaze scrutinized his surroundings. Nothing seemed to be moving about but he knew something was there.

His stance stiffened. “Alpha”, he greeted. “I am here as ordered.” Resounding into the empty and silent forest, his voice seemed to find no source of attention.

A few seconds have passed until, as if ripped from the shadows, a figure standing on four legs emerged from the darkness. His jaw snapped aggressively as his claws dug into the dead leaves. Carefully he paced forward out of the dark.

Stopping a few feet away from the man in boots, the wolf like bear took a halt. A cracking sound suddenly echoed through out the forest as the wolf started bending itself in distorted positions.

Without making a noise his figure kept cracking as it shrunk into a human like form. Fur was replaced by skin and canines by teeth.

Rising from the ground, the naked man faced the man in boots with a puffed chest and pitiless eyes. “Arhein, brother”, he started with a small smirk tucking at the corner of his mouth. “What a pleasure to see you again.”

The man in boots shook his head. He eyed intently the man standing in front of him. Not a single form of sympathy visible in his attitude.

A loud growl erupted from the naked man as the smirk faded from his lips, leaving nothing but cold anger.

Taking the warning in consideration the other man slowly bent his back and neck in submission.

With a satisfied grin the naked man started walking around him, as if catching a prey in his net. “Tell me about the outside”, he commanded.

Arhein nod. “The willow girl is out”, he informed in a firm tone. “She is currently residing with her mother at the cottage in Riverbeak.”

The naked man took a halt in his circle, a sour look clearly visible on his face betraying the emotions that the information conveyed.

“The council has stated that she is to be freed as she represents no threat to us anymore”, started Arhein with a constant voice. ” She is secured and observed almost everyday. After her time in the psychiatric house she has become secluded and fearful. We have nothing to fear of her.”

With a raging anger the naked man turned to Arhein and eyed him, his eyes filled with wrath. “Do you think I would fear a human?”

Arhein stayed still, facing the raging voice without wincing. He confronted upfront the piercing dark gaze of his Alpha. Although he did not dare utter a response.

As if taken by a sudden spasm a large grin emerged on the Alpha’s lips. He chortled lightly as his eyes bore into Arheins’. “The council”, he hissed, his smile flashing canines. “What a pain in my ass.”

Arhein’s lips remained shut.

The Alpha seemed oblivious to his silence. He began to pace around again. His well built body, scared by many battles and years displayed him as the epitome of the true warrior; ruthless and antipathetic.

Arhein knew his place. The man wolf, once his brother, has become his Alpha through claws and teeth. He knew he had no chance against him. He had proven it many years ago.

“The Sabbatica year of the juveniles is over”, said the Alpha as his deep voice vibrated through the air. ” They will be back at the next full moon.”

Arhein’s figure stiffened at his Alpha’s words.

The naked man lifted his eyes towards Arhein and eyed him intently. “And by they-“, he started with a grumbling satisfied tone. “I mean those who made it till the end.”

The man in boots at those words felt his hair spike up. He controlled himself from giving into his brother’s provocation. His eyes stayed fixed on to the pine trees in front of him as he felt the presence of the other in his back.

A small chuckle emerged from the Alpha’s lips. “We will see then if Daremon has proven himself worthy. This weak excuse of a Lycan better get his sorry ass first at the gates.”

Arhein stayed still. “I guess only time will tell”, he uttered, his jaw clenching under the pressure of anger.

“Time?“, mused the Alpha with a deep threatening tone. “I do not have time. The Avonlers are already pissing closer to my border. Ronan knows what’s coming. If it’s a battle he wants, I’ll give him war!”

Arhein’s head snapped towards him. “You will be obstructing the Lycan law.”

A loud roar escaped the Alpha’s lungs, shaking earth and skies. “Lycan laws are a joke to our nature. They protect the weak and suppress the powerful. And I will not be suppressed!”

The man in boots stayed still, motionless. His lips were shut. He knew better than to voice out his opinion.

He bent, as always, to his Alpha’s command. He needed to.

“You’re weak”, spit the Alpha as his black orbs eyed intently the man in boots.

Arheins’ lips remained shut. His wrathful growl painfully repressed inside his rib cage.

“You have always been weak. The weakest”, hissed again the Alpha taking a few steps towards the other man. “A poor and sad excuse of a Lycan.”

Lowering his head Arhein felt the heavy weight of the words penetrate his skin.

“Keep to your task”, ordered the Alpha. ” And stay tuned to everything the council has to say. Everything.”

With those words said the naked man’s figure started cracking again until he dropped on all fours and silently paced back into the darkness, his back to the man who was once his brother.

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