the vampire's of m.d anderson

By racheallejoy All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Thriller


rachealle looking for a way to save her mother from her cancer finds a group of supernaturally gifted that look for the same goal that turns rachealle into there gifts to cure the world of cancer

the meeting

I once was a patient wait no that’s not right my mother was six years ago she was a cancer patient but now that feels like a lifetime ago and me now I’m a vampire thanks to that one day at MD Anderson. What happen you ask ? I was once mortal until I met them. Who did I meet? I met the vampires of MD Anderson. I’m Rachealle Joy Richburg at the time I was 19 years old before they turned me into one of them now I help them on the mission of collecting blood to survive but that’s not the only mission this is my story and it starts in the middle of October .

It was October 23 to be exact and the year was 2014 my mom still had cancer at the time and she was in the hospital . what hospital ? MD. Anderson and that morning everything went right i woke up at six o’clock and got breakfast and a energy drink and headed for the 24th floor once i reach the floor i ate my food on the window sill and was on the phone with my friend / over protective brother and i watch the sun rise .

I felt as if nothing could could go wrong and i was right but it did around 9:00 am i went over to the mays clinic to try to give blood. on my way there I played my gutair , then I tryed to see if I could donate blood and i couldn’t my was low 11.2 to be exact it needed to be 12.5 so i went over to see heather she was nice but i always had a bad feeling about her she made a lot of vampire jokes that day i found out why .

As i looked at heather she said to me ,” hey how’s your mom ?” i looked at her and the bad feeling started again and i said ,” shes doing good she knows the year , day , who i am , all that good stuff ” i looked at her face and she was licking her lips and her eyes started turning a lushes red color and i said ,” heather are you okay ?” she looked at me and grab my hand and said ,” I want your blood !”

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