My Mate, Cassie

By Abigail Rubio Narvas All Rights Reserved ©

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This story is not just about an alpha rejecting her mate and regretted it. This story is about how he can fall in love with the girl he is not really familiar with. And not like the same thing that the future alpha rejects her mate then go to other woman. His father knew who was his mate and decided to play with their minds. When Cassie ask permission to the pack to leave for a tour, he granted her request but in a condition that his son will go with her. So how will they get through this when they don't even talk to each other?

Chapter 1

Cassie is a mate of an unfaithful alpha who rejected her. He doesn’t know anything about her until he got named ‘alpha hiding in a rock’ by Cassie’s best friend Jenell.

Cassie’s Point Of View

“Hey Cass, you really need to get up. Your band mates are calling me like a gazillion times. They are down stairs” my best friend said.

Oh right! We are going on a rehearsal for our tour. I got up and went to the bathroom. Rachel, jade and penny knew I was a wolf and they kept it like I told them. They are really my friends. To be honest I begged that our tour should be tomorrow and at the town near our pack because I’ll be turning 18 tomorrow and I am so excited to find my mate. After I showered, I got dressed then went out. And as expected they are fighting over whose going to sit on the couch.

“Guys! We really need to go, we are running late!” I told them. “Says the one who looked like she hasn't slept for ages” Jenell said. The girls laughed. “You know I love my sleep now lets go”

The concert is just 2 minutes away from our pack so we just walk. When we passed through the pack house, the future alpha was again with the queen b a. k. a. Andrea. I got used to seeing this but today, a sharp pain went through my chest and Jenell seems to noticed it.

“Are you okay? Did my brother hurt you?” She said.

Did I tell you that Zayn and Jenell are siblings? Well if not then you know it. “No, he didn’t. It is just weird you know cause we always see these kind of things everyday but today, something pierced my heart when I saw them” i said not minding what I just said. Her eyes got wide like she was dawned to realization and said “Cass!!! Your his mate!“. What!! No!!.

Now I regretted having a concert here but that’s okay, he didn't even know who is having a concert or even if there’s any concert he wouldn't care at all. Zaynniel isn't like other future alphas who like to explore or go to parties. He’s somewhat different. But like other alphas, he also break hearts. “Hmm, you are just exaggerating. His not my mate” i said then caught up to the girls.

“Well guys, are you ready?” I said. They all shouted ‘yeah’ playfully. We rehearsed for 3 hours while Jenell is busy taking videos and pictures of us to upload to twitter. When I told her she didn't have to upload all of our faces, she just shrugged it off and said I’ll also be popular and will have a lot of followers if I will always give the world informations about you. Yeah. Her words not mine. Time passed by very quickly, I am now going home alone. An hour ago, Jenell decided to leave me because she said that she is going to rest for the big day tomorrow. This happens all the time, like literally all the time. Its like she is going to be the one who is going to perform when she is just going to be in the backstage waiting for us. But I will change that. I will her the surprise of her life. And the girls went shopping.

¤♡¤♡¤♡¤♡¤♡¤next day¤♡¤♡¤♡¤♡¤♡¤♡

At 10:00 in the morning, I already went to the venue. I wasn't really excited that we are going to perform again. I was really excited to find my mate. I also arranged my ’surprise for her. I finished arranging the surprise by 2 so I decided to fix myself because The concert will start at 5. After my make up artist finished my make up, Jenell went inside the room at full speed like someone is catching her. ” what? What is it?” I ask. “H-he’s here” she said. “Who is her-” before i finish, an amazing scent caught on my nostrils. It got stronger when someone opened the door.

“Cassie, what are you doing here?” He ask. Before I can answer, he already lead me to it. “Can we talk?” He said. I just nodded.

Oh, I knew about this ‘can we talk’ thingy. This is were either you reject your mate or accept them. He led me at the back stage were no one is.

He sigh then he said “Look Cassie, I am sorry but I am in love with Andrea and I already promised her the Luna part. I don't even know you, just your name and you are a friend to my sister and I just don't think you are strong enough to be a leader. I, Zaynniel -” before he rejects me, I ran away. If he is going to reject me, just not on my special day and I still have a concert to run.

“Are you ready?” Rachel said. “Yeah” we said in chorus. We made our prayers then went to the entrance of the stage The first music were going to perform was the one we made yesterday about friendship. When the intro of the music started playing and the lights were dimmed, it was our time to come out. When we are already in our positions for our dance, the first one I saw that stand out of the crowd was the shock face of the future alpha or should I say, the one who is going to reject me.

Hmm, if you are going to reject me then maybe i should go to the club after the concert to celebrate 3 reasons. 1, the concert will be a success-hopefully. 2, it is my birthday, 3, i will be single forever. So, you know me now, dear little alpha. I am the girl whose going to ruin you.

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