MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

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Gemma had always been sceptical of these types of things,

and was self-aware enough to cover her tattoos,

do her makeup a little more feminine than usual

and kept her work uniform on

as not to give anything personal away.

But nonetheless she was



e x c i t e d

for this new occurrence.

She’d heard of people who have seen this psychic before,

having been blown away by their experiences,

and so she wanted to see what hers might be…

she was, after all, very good at reading people herself.

She was nervous though,

about what would happen if someone really could see into her.

Would she be able to sense the darkness?

The ghosts?

She was the first to sit with her from the group she was with,

and her heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest when she sat down

in front of the golden haired woman.


the woman smiled at her.

She’s pretty.

Gemma thought,

and decided that she seemed kind

and genuine in her manner.

The lady quickly explained that she would take something of hers that she wears often

to hold while she speaks and writes notes.

Gemma hands the woman the plaid cloth headband she wore almost every other day.

“Please give me a few moments,”

The woman looked at her kindly and directly,

“Your energy is very overwhelming.”

She smiles,

“in a good way.”

The woman shifts about in her chair a little before writing quietly in her book.

She pauses before looking up,

“You have stopped your education.”

She pauses again before speaking and writing simultaneously,

“but you don’t need an English

degree to be a writer.

You made a good choice.

And I see you are going back.

What are you taking?”

“Public Relations”

“Yes, very good.

I know you have just moved here,

it’s not permanent but it’s good

for you to be closer to

home right now.”

Gemma was relieved to hear that, as the decision to move and to change courses was incredibly


“You have an old soul

and a mind

with infinite creativity.”

This made Gemma smile.

“I mean it,”

She continues,

“It just goes on and on and on.

I feel that you may be psychic as well

and I encourage you to keep a dream journal.

You also need to be weary of crowds

and environments,

you are a sponge and easily affected by the

energy in your surroundings.”

This lay especially heavy on her, as she’d been hyper-aware of how much she


It was too much, most days.

Emotions rush in without warning and she could not stop herself from absorbing

e v e r y t h i n g

all around her.

“There is also a main male presence

in your life who is,

what I like to call,

an energy Vampire

because he’s sucking you dry.”

The woman’s eyes scan her carefully.

“You have the power not to allow that.”

Her voice is stern and she only nods in response.

“So you have a boyfriend.

Have we established that you have a boyfriend?”

“Not technically, but I do.”

The psychic says his name,

“and you’re moving in together, correct?”

She nods.

“Okay, I’m seeing someone else now…

and a dog.

A black dog, do you have one or know one?”

She shakes her head.

“You may come across one in the future.”

She says, “Oh and you’re getting a ring!

Next year!” She winks.

This made sense, as she and her boyfriend have already been together for five years. Now that

they were

moving in together, it would be the next logical step.

“And you will marry eventually too,

you will be a beautiful bride!

Oh, I’m seeing something really odd now,

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before

but it looks like you are with some sort of parrot?

Does this makes sense to you?”

“Definitely not.”

Gemma answered,

wondering if perhaps

she is a fake after all.

The woman shakes her head dismissing it but continues on, she speaks of her writing, her

grandmother who has passed, as well as personal regards on her health and specific issues. She

knew things that no one could know and certainly not guess by the look of her. She would

always remember this as one of the most eye-opening and exciting human experiences she’d

come to collect.

When it was over, she left the room feeling

l i g h t e r

than when she had entered. The weight of her current uncertainties seemed to be lifting…so

light, in fact, that if she could defy the laws of gravity with sheer will, she might float to the

s t a r s .

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