MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



She spent many quiet minutes staring at her face in the mirror.


c r o o k e d


Nearly her whole life she felt betrayed by her own mind

and now she was being betrayed by her body.

She felt defective.

Like damaged goods.


n o t h i n g

could compare to the pain she felt

every time she had to watch her child leave the hospital room-

reaching for her in tears.


Her bodily weakness, uneasiness and pain could not even compare to this heartbreak.

It was so much more than all of the hurt she’d felt before.

More devastating,

more harrowing,

more dispiriting.

This pain gutted her so that she was out of breath,

and she accepted it fully,

feeling the violent ways this separation

wounded both her and her innocent child.

But Gemma’s current ordeal had brought her to a new truth that allowed her to work passed her

malignant hallucinations

through alacrity and patience-

Transforming pain into something more powerful than heart-break.

She uncovered a motivation for wellness, once and for all.

m i n d .

b o d y .

s o u l .

For the sake of her son,

she would heal herself as quickly and thoroughly as she could to get back to him.

She ached to mother above all else-

and the drive of a wounded mother fighting to return to her child

was stronger than a thousand hurricanes.

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