MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

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Gemma became aware very quickly just how

different they lived

from the people around them.

The differences lay in the simple things-

Waking up to one another each morning

with happy, sleepy chats and hugs.

Even after being awake every two hours to nurse Forest,

even though they were

r e s t l e s s

in this city where they did not belong,

with a job that Caleb did not love.

But every morning

Gemma would see her son’s face and the

s p a r k l e

in his eyes and immediately

give into joy

by surrendering to the quiet moments…

rather than beginning each day with phones and television and to-do lists.

They allowed their day to lie freely ahead of them

and be carried through it like water,

which does not move itself-

but is carried by the invisible tide.

Except for Caleb’s job,

They did not live by schedules,

instead they listened to their mind and bodies…

When they were hungry,

they ate.

When they were tired,

they rested.

When their son communicated,

they responded to his needs.

They moved

t o g e t h e r

through each day

rather fluidly

c r e a t i n g their very own d r e a m – w o r l d

together through


music and dancing,

resting on a blanket in a

field of flowers

every day;

watching the leaves and petals

dance with the wind.


c o n n e c t i n g ,

and ending each day with a

tired body and a thankful heart.

Though not every day could be so

p e a c e f u l ;

as the darkness would resurface and made Gemma


for her peace.

She usually found it, however,

in her son’s smile.

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