MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



It didn’t matter how exhausted she was, or how late he worked-

It was impossible for her to go to bed without him.

She remembered the days when they worked and lived together and were able to go into each

day hand in hand..

It was something she’d never experienced with anyone before.


m a g n e t i c e n e r g y

drawing her to him every second.

And while she was whole without him,

his presence brought forth the fire and companionship her soul so desperately craved.

And now here they were-

struggling to make ends meet,

putting all of their love and energy into the tiny being their own love had created-

and they were the happiest they’ve ever been.

And still Gemma felt a void when duty called and they could not all be together.

Caleb slowly fiddled with the lock before entering into the living room to see Gemma trying not

to fall asleep on the couch.


He greets her before taking his shoes off and walking over to kiss her.

“How was work?”

She asked sleepily.

“Same as always, how’s Forest?

Did he go down okay?”

“Yea,” Gemma sighed,

“He was so sweet on our walk today,

saying hi to everyone he saw. Dogs included.”

They both chuckled.

“I miss you.”

Gemma said suddenly and seriously, tears forming around her eyes.

Caleb takes her into his arms and lets out a sigh of his own,

“Believe me, so do I.”

“I refuse to live like this for the rest of our lives.

There has to be a way we can be together.

You’re my partner,

and I want to experience all of my days with you,

not ten percent of each one.

It’s not fair.”

He hugged her tighter.

“One day.”

He said, reaffirming their hopes

for a simpler future.

She could smell the subtle scent of cedar wood and mint off of his skin and felt a sudden

a c h e

for him to somehow be closer to her than he already was.

She felt as though she were collapsing into herself…heavy with elation and inspiration.

When she looked at him, she saw beauty of infinite proportions.

She saw stars and oceans and

different worlds altogether.

She could not fathom how he came to be; this pristine creature of

l i g h t .

She thinks of how she wants to drink his thoughts and soak in their richness.

She used to think that to attain a mind of true beauty one had to be

unpolluted and untouched by darkness;

living in blissful ignorance.

She looked at him and knew that she was wrong.

He was not innocent; in fact, he was cognizant

yet through all his pain and knowledge of the world:

of its corruption and its grace-

he remained good, idealistic and remarkable.

A creature made from obscurity yet she saw only a union of

s p l e n d o u r and i n t e l l e c t

pouring from his being—

crippling her to do nothing but stare in awe at him, the way she always did from

the moment she first saw him.

His touch brought forth the confirmation that their life was meant to be lived together,

and she would not stop until she found a way to make that happen.

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