MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

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She watched him stare up at the trees and watch gleefully as the wind blew the leaves

to make them

w h i s p e r

their sweet stories out loud.

“Do you see?”

She whispered to him as his eyes sparkled and marvelled at the dancing leaves,

“all of nature is rejoicing for you.

You are so special sweet prince.”

The wind stopped and so her son began to crawl away from the blanket they were sitting on, into the grass, stopping to pick flowers everywhere he turned.

Gemma looked into the distance and saw two other children playing together while their mothers

complained very loudly about this and that.

Messy houses,

bad friends,

bad boyfriends,

boring jobs...

all the superficial struggle people wrap themselves up in

to pretend as though the life they live is difficult.

Gemma didn’t understand.

She looked again at her boy, immersed in nature’s simple pleasures,

then again at the two young girls playing tag and laughing

and finally to the women again.

Something happens to the

c r e a t i v e c o n s c i o u s n e s s

that we are

so joyful and filled with life

as children,

only to become anxiety-ridden,


repulsively logical adults.

Somehow we become blind to life’s

t r u t h s and c h a r m s

by focusing on a consumerist agenda

along with frivolous ordeals and endeavours.

When we do this, we are rejecting life.

Gemma herself was almost swallowed up by it in the city.

Now she knew that rejecting life came by rejecting the true desires of the

s p i r i t .

We’ve completely lost our way by

complicating nature.

And now our world is a mess.

Our individual lives are a reflection of our thoughts,

and our world a reflection of our collective thinking.

There needs to be a shift in our psyche

to cause a shift in our environment.

We say to ourselves, because it is what we were taught-

once I make it into this college,

once I get this job,

once I meet the one,

once I have a house,

once I get that promotion

and that car, and that electronic device and the clothes that I want and more money to do more things....

THEN, I will be happy.

We spend our entire lives chasing fulfillment that is

already rooted within us,

waiting to be

d i s c o v e r e d .

Conflict often arises from inauthentic action and holding onto fraudulent relationships.

We look to people and things to help us be happy

instead of l o o k i n g i n w a r d ...

by ignoring the needs of the organic soul, we are denying ourselves our own truth.

And so we are never satisfied,

because these obliquity desires are not authentic

our core self and therefore can never bring forth satisfaction

even if what is desired is attained.

If we are not genuinely fulfilling the spirit then what would be the point to life? Gemma could see now that it is important to unlearn what our culture has ingrained in us to find what it is we truly seek.

When you come face to face with it,

you realize that it has been seeking you too.

It was always there, waiting patiently while you were stumbling around blind and lost.

Gemma understood life’s simple truth now...and though the knowledge was always within her,

it was motherhood that revealed it to her.

She found it ironic that her society would lead her to believe that when women hold the title


before all else, those women are not reaching their full potential.

When Gemma

s u r r e n d e r e d

herself fully to motherhood, she was shown a mirror of her true self.

The organic soul.

The soul made to love,

made to learn and made to guide,

made to empathize and made to heal.

Gemma did her best to reveal her truer self with each passing day,

and that’s how she finally became her own true friend, after a lonely twenty five years.

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