MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



Her entire world changed in a single second.

The initial feeling of heaviness but something unexpected after...




all at once.

She spent the day crying and spiralling into her dark place, consumed by worry over money and

the search for a new home.

It was decided by the end of the day that they would move back with her dad

temporarily to save money-

and to prepare for the new life

that mushroomed inside of her.

“It makes sense.”

Caleb had said,

“Your touch has been even more electric than usual.”

She was holding his hand now, they had just told their parents and have set

a plan to move within the week.

The city had spit her out of it again, but she no longer

c r a v e d

the bright lights that kept her awake with its wily glow at night...

She was unearthing a light entirely foreign and familiar at the same time.

A light that was small and significant.

A light to bring together two worlds

and meet them where the glow stems.


l i t t l e l i g h t

of love to love for all of time.

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