MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



It didn’t happen the way she used to imagine.

To begin, they married in a church when she’d always envisioned an outdoor elopement

like the one they had planned in the city.

For another, there were guests where they’d originally wanted a few witnesses.

But she didn’t care about any of that.

Today was the day she celebrated the impossible love she’d found.

The l o v e

she would keep for all of space and time.

Today was a gathering honouring that fusion.

Though marriage seemed lacking for what it was supposed to represent...

The timeless union of two souls that have been en-sphere of one another

back when the early

a u r i c l i g h t

first appeared in the cracks of space-

was deserving of a feast somewhere in the middle of the night sky;

with stars to pluck like ripe raspberries in the summertime.

Gemma wore a gown she’d found online for thirty dollars,

though she had to admit it

that it looked lovelier than it’s decided worth.

It was form fitting and the color was that of the palest dusty rose. The collar came up high and had eyelash lace trim around the neck which plunged down to an open V in the back. The entire dress was made of delicate lace and it flared out slightly starting at the knees, creating the elegant shape of a mermaid tail. It was a beautiful dress and Gemma felt beautiful in it. Caleb looked particularly breathtaking to her against the alabaster blankets of freshly fallen

s n o w

that covered their landscape before entering the church.

He was wearing a brown suit, white shirt, a vintage floral tapestry styled tie and brown oxfords.

She was a fragrant phantom formed by

m o o n l i g h t

and he a celestial vision dripping with golden

s u n b e a m s .

Their light combined shone unswerving with grace

and enthralled all who looked upon them in this world and the ones above it.

But something was wrong.

Something unnameable was holding Gemma underwater.

Everything was muffled, as it had been for weeks. The water invaded the cracks in her skin and distorted her hearing, memory and thinking.

It was too heavy here beneath the surface of the water,

looking desperately up where the

s u n

leaks through the tide, unable to reach-making it impossible to breathe.

Gemma felt uncomfortable in her skin

and around the many bodies who began to fill the church benches.

Kylee and Gemma’s mother stood in the next room with her, watching through the curtain that separated the door frame leading into the main part of the old church.

Suddenly she hated herself for feeling this way on the day she vowed herself to her soul’s own

s u n b e a m .

He was the light always peeking through her dark spaces

the way the sun leaks through branches in the lush forest.

She knew she’d walk through anything to reach him and his light.

So she did.

Her whole body shook but she kept her eyes on him and walked to him so that

she could walk with him into a new life.

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