MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



The final year of college was a

happy blur

And they wasted no time moving to the city after graduation-

that they even missed their ceremony.

Moving to the city had already felt like the best decision of their life and they had only been moved in a day. In fact, their apartment was still cluttered with boxes, both empty and full. But today was not a day for unpacking,

for the city called to them like a wolf calling to the full moon.

Gemma saw the whole world under a warm yellow glow and was completely charmed by the cobblestone roads and old brick buildings that towered over them, spilling their architectural beauty upon the city. The streets were full of people, some with a steady walk and somewhere to be, but most seemed to bounce with a contagious buoyancy that overwhelmed the

a t m o s p h e r e around them.

And then of course, there he stood...

light spilling out of his bones

and into the dark crevices of her own bones

where shadows hid.

The tips of his hair and the edges in his skin were emitting a wily glow with muted tones of yellow and lively hues of gold that made him

a timeless phantom

whom had just emerged from the sun.

A year and a half later and she remained in awe of the beautiful opening into his mouth

and the words that formed there-

He had a certain way of sensing and

c l e a n s i n g

the troubled winds that rode to them upon stormy waves.

Caleb took her hand and led her

into madness and magic

and all that the city had to offer them.

They had one of their roommates with them, Caleb’s best friend, Peter. She had only met Peter a few times, the very first had been before she’d met Caleb in fact...and she saw that he was sad but still hopeful for good things, and she admired the way he faced life with a fearless grin and believed in all the great things that Caleb did…despite the loss they had each experienced. Caleb had a way of attracting dynamic people, which only pleased Gemma after years of meeting people with whom she could not connect.

Caleb had led her into an environment of intellectual beauty,

quiet conspiracies

and ceaseless passion.

When they finally reached the old castle, the smell of marijuana was abundantly present and not entirely unwelcome.

Gemma did sometimes indulge herself socially, however she mostly only

i n h a l e d the smoke

when she faced a panic attack,

a sleepless anxiety-ridden night

and of course when she could feel herself lose control and feel the darkness rise.

Today she felt beautiful and

f r e e

and as though the entire world lay ahead of her with open arms.

She joined Caleb and Peter on the grass and inhaled the thick, fragrant smoke; holding it in before exhaling with ease.

She could feel the calm take over her,

a warmth spreading itself throughout her body.

It was similar to the feeling that invaded her upon touching Caleb’s skin. She watched as people with painted faces and press-on wings dances around them in a circle with wands made of ribbon and giant hoola-hoops. Like towering fairy’s weaving spells around them.

The whole world spun with a madness that somehow was

p e a c e f u l

and they basked in the laughable satire of it all.

It would seem the city that once spit her out of it when she was in University was now embracing her in velvet air and clear spring skies.

The trees around them whispered of endless possibility, and the three basked there-

their abiding youth glistening from their skin...

so wrapped up in the aromatic rhapsodies of nature’s pleasures that they did not see the storm clouds forming in the distance.

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