MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



There he was...

Standing at her doorstep in the middle of the night.

A midnight p h a n t o m ,

a vision of otherworldly essence

and wild ways.

The black sky seemed to wrap itself around him as though he were a part of it.

There were no stars behind him,

only a crescent moon half covered by velvety clouds.

He only stood there a minute before coming inside,

but he felt timeless in that moment-

w e i g h t l e s s

and kin to the night as though he were a star himself.

She felt a heavy urgency to dive into the black sky with him;

to emerge herself into his flame

until she shone with him-

there against the ebony tapestry that was the heavens;

Casting a glow to pierce the air

like iron through f a i r y skin.

“Come in.”

She says smiling and he does not hesitate to obey.

She doesn’t speak, but leads him upstairs into her bedroom in hopes not to wake her roommates.

There was a spell cast around them so that they were the only two in the world who were awake,


in the middle of the night sky.

Gemma did not want to break the spell with artificial light and noise.

She closed her bedroom door behind her and looked at him.

Though Gemma could feel herself talking, she was not aware of anything coming from her mouth.

Instead, she was hypnotized by the slight curve of Caleb’s mouth and the way his eyes were fervently watching her own mouth move, until he stopped her from speaking by cupping the back of her head and imprinting his lips into hers.

His lips were soft and slightly slippery,

like a flower petal that had just been rained upon.

His kiss was gentle at first,

and he carefully explored her mouth with his own

while backing her up against the door.

she could her own wanting r e l e a s e

with each step until

suddenly the kiss stopped and she realized she was shaking.

“Are you alright?”

“Mhm.” She says, “More than.”

Caleb takes one of her hands into his and watched it twitch, slightly amused.

“That’s I how feel.”

He said, “on the inside.”

He brings his mouth as close to hers as possible without touching it. His breath was warm and smelled of mint, though it tasted of something entirely different.

Something ineffably intoxicating.

“Must be all that growing sexual tension.”

His voice was course and she could feel all of his secrets spill into her mouth and hers into his when they kissed again, this time with urgency.

Gemma absentmindedly pulled apart the many layers that Caleb was wearing while he led her to her mattress, pulling off the dress she’d been sleeping in,

in one swift movement.

The moon was uncovered and bare enough so that its pale

l i g h t s p i l l e d

over them so that they seemed to be

glowing from within.

Gemma watched how gracefully the light revealed the lines that made up his body.

He was glorious standing there in the moonlight, bronze skin aglow.

He seemed to her a celestial being

made from fluid movement and supple hands,

moulding each sharp line of muscle

until a creature of unearthly beauty was formed.

His tattoos marked his skin with wild stories and hidden truths that she wanted so badly to uncover.

And so she began to trace them with her fingers like a

c o n s t e l l a t i o n map as she lowered her body to uncover more.

The look on his face was incredulous, and he seemed in awe as he stood there unmoving for only a moment.

“You’re so beautiful.”

He whispered,

kneeling to lay her against the bed before collapsing onto her.

His skin was pure fire

and she was burning alive.

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