MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



N i g h t

had fallen and there was a coolness in the air that left a chill in her bones

so that when she folded herself around him,

the warmth of his

fiery skin

brought immediate relief.

She breathed him in

and watched the lights

appear and fade

against the wall of his darkened room,

from passing cars outside.

She felt her pulse slow to a

rhythmic and c a l m i n g


He had a way of soothing her shaking bones simply by



His touch could

t h a w

the thick


layers that encompassed

each vein beneath

her moonlit skin.

She could feel the unspoken words

h a n g i n g

on the edge of his tongue…

“What are you thinking about?”

Gemma probed him.

Caleb’s body tensed suddenly,

and he let out a fast breath as though he was about to tell her something urgent,

but decided against it at the last second.


She let go of him so that

he could roll over to face her.

Dark as it was she could not make out his features,

so instead she traced her fingers

along the edges and creases in his face

that she knew so well.

His bone structure was striking,

and she enjoyed the feeling of his skeleton beneath her hands.

“It’s too soon.”

He said, so silently

she wasn’t sure if she’d imagined it.

“It’s not.”

She reassured him,

“you can tell me.”

This time there was no hesitation,

although his tone spilled of


yet delivered

d e l i c a t e l y

as though the words themselves were made of the thinnest glass.

I love you.”

His honeyed,

vulnerable words hung


in the s i l e n t air.

She smiled to herself,

thinking of when she first realized she loved him…

the very first night she cut the invisible strings

attached to her limbs;

the ones that told her where to go

and what to do.

And she invited him in.

She loved him at once

with imminence and immediate longing.

Longing to be with him,

to know him,

to love him with every atom,

every strain of energy

that formed the body

cocooning her soul-

and her soul along with it.

So she did.

I love you too.”

The words, which rolled with ease,

were strung together in gladness.

He kissed and pulled her closer to him

until their limbs were so intricately intertwined

that one was not discernible from the other.

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