MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



She woke with a start in the same place she’d fallen asleep.

She was in her dorm room in the city.

One of the nicer ones with separate rooms from her roommate.

And closed doors for privacy.

She woke



she was not alone.

When a force had taken her swiftly from her bed and into the open

a i r

against her will.


Gemma screamed her roommate’s name in her

m i n d

but no words could escape her mouth.

She was being pulled


her bedroom door and into the kitchen.




she tried to scream her roommate’s name,

but could not.

Her fear

dropped her back into her bed when she heard the whisper she’d been hearing

many nights since moving into her dorm room.


A strange voice whispered

in her ear.

Gemma opened her eyes to find that she was back

In her bed,

under her blankets,

as though she’d never left.

She turned to a noise and saw someone digging through her things.

Though it seemed human-

It was not human.

So she closed her eyes as tight as she could

and prayed

Until she fell back asleep.

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