MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry



She was being led

out and away again.

She was

a w a r e

that she was not alone,

but this time she did not give in to the

fear-based taught thought.

She was flying up and into

A realm of

l i g h t .

There was such beauty there,

such a shift in energy.

Her spirit was projecting out of her body

and into a world made up of tiny

white lights-

and when she drew herself in closer and

into the world

she met with a room filled with

light beings

with indigo aura’s and each of them a

glowing blue


They were

t r a n s l u c e n t


u n e a r t h l y

in their vibration ;

though their light took on a human shape.

The one in the middle was especially familiar to Gemma;

the familiar light moved toward her as though to touch her

revealing through no sound that:

yes, she was familiar.

Yes, she was home.

No, she was never alone.

And suddenly Gemma

felt and saw in the same moment

the very tissue of her physical brain being

h e a l e d .

The healing worked its way down throughout her entire physical body.

Gemma felt her own

t h i r d e y e

open and shine its very own

bright light.

Her true nature revealed.

She knew that she was capable of her own

h e a l i n g .

She knew she was

h o m e ,

among her brothers and sisters.

This was the place her heart and soul had been


for her whole human life.

Suddenly she was a

p o o l o f k n o w l e d g e

and everything was understood

in a moment.

The voices,

the lights

everything she didn’t understand that she was so afraid of…

She understood that her suffering led her to this


That everything is

c o n n e c t e d –

all is created

with the same energy,

by the same energy-

connecting us all with the very same

love f r e q u e n c y .

She felt an unending oneness that was


Gemma felt her loneliness

transform into unity and belonging.

Suddenly she was filled with a sense of

p u r p o s e

and felt her calling

to write

and seek the

m o u n t a i n s

and tell her story -

to connect with others

and offer her healing to those who would have it,

back in the physical dimension.

To fulfill the important purpose

encoded in each one of us to help

heal our world

and evolve our human brothers and sisters

to a higher state of consciousness.

There was no longer any fear.

All had been revealed, and when she woke-

It was in tears…

Homesick for the realm of light

but no longer psychologically alone.

She marvelled as the weeks passed

and the darkness resurfaced

but never consumed her-

she simply lit a candle to it

to reveal the truth that is



in the dark.

She let the darkness in and it became her teacher-

It showed her where the wounds were,

Where to put the light.

There was so much more to this life than she dreamed,

and the

b e a u t y

of that truth

remained present in her mind.

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