MUSHROOM m i n d

By Steph Raymond All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Poetry

f u t u r e


d r e a m s

are windows which glimpse into the future-

Hosting promises in my own psyche that I cannot forget

even after waking.

A bridge between two mountains.

A fog infested beach with fading mountains in the distance.

Eagles flying overhead.

And, another

l i t t l e l i g h t

to love for all of time.

Incantations echoing through the trees,

whispering the secret of the stars.

I shared my dreams with Caleb,

and he felt the

c a l l


Time is stringing together our lives in an impossible pattern-

more beautiful than anything we’ve ever known.

Leading us to peace and contentment through

h e a l i n g

of the mind and soul.

Allowing us to feel the very glow from the

s t a r s

overhead invade our skin to

reveal our hidden purpose.

The mountains are calling-

guiding us home.

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