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Dear Love, Are you DEAD?

By Stephen Henderson All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


Meet Lorenzo, a depressed man who goes to a forest for a vacation and ends up getting attacked by mysterious creatures. He faces a turning point in his life. Everything changes. Mysterious things begin to happen. He experiences hallucination attacks. He wakes up not knowing where he is and realizes that he's falling. "You will fall, but won't fall apart'', says a female voice. Who could she be? Could she be the woman who he made love to in his dreams? He is not even sure if she exists. Maybe she is not a woman whom he loved from his heart. Maybe she is love itself, which exists in his heart. He feels like he had a whole slew of angels in his heart carrying memories of her, which he has a cloudy remembrance of and barely understands. Lorenzo looks around while falling trying to find her. ''Don't search for me in the wrong places. Search for me where you can find me", she says. She giggles and says that she is his instinct and his heartbeat. Lorenzo doesn't remember her, but he feels her inside him. He can feel her love and his love for her inside his heart. By opening this book, you will uncover the fate of Lorenzo which he is destined to procure as he travels his journey through a

Chapter 1 (The Beginning)

It is a cold day in Boston. A young man who is about twenty two walks into the graveyard with a sad look on his face. He is a handsome man with black hair, brownish eyes and an athletic body. He stands in front of his mother’s grave with a moment of silence. The graveyard smells like mud because of a slight drizzle. He has been standing there for a few minutes, staring at his mother’s grave. His intent stare and the miserable look on his face suggests that he would have been recalling his good days with his mother when he was a child. He might have even recalled the day she died, which would have brought him an immense amount of sadness. Ever since his mother left him, this young man has always been sad. It’s impossible to recall a single day where he was happy or almost happy. He has spent four years of his life after his mother’s death searching for distractions. He comes to visit his mother every month in this graveyard. Today is one of those days. One of those days where he comes and stares at his mother’s grave and leaves. He has never uttered a word in front of the grave ever. Maybe the pain is too much for him to absorb in his heart, which doesn’t let him speak anything. The pain which he cannot digest, the pain of not seeing his mother again, the mother whom he loved the most in the world, the mother who loved him the most in the world, the mother who used to cook delicious meals when she was alive, the mother who used to go for long walks with him in the evenings, the mother who dedicated her life for him is no longer alive is something, which he finds extremely hard to digest. This young man still finds it hard to accept the fact that she has passed away. It has been four years since his mother passed away and he realizes that his life is going nowhere. He is still stuck in that moment when he got a call from his neighbour informing him that his mother had passed away. The shock was too much for him to handle that he wished he died from a heart attack at that moment. He was at school when he got that call, the call which changed his life forever, the call which made him a miserable young man with no hope and direction in life, the call which made him look forward to the day he finally died so all the pain he carried in his heart would vanish. It has been four years since he has been feeling the same way and he realizes that he has to get a move on. He has been drowning in the ocean of sadness for far too long and he is sick and tired of it. He hates the fact that he is sad. He hates it even more about the fact that he isn’t able to do anything about it. Finally, he has decided to do something about it to change or at least try to change. He decides to go somewhere far away, somewhere he can forget life, somewhere the memories of his mother and his atrocious step dad won’t tear his heart apart, somewhere he can start afresh. He has enough money after selling his mother’s belongings. He could afford to go to a new city and live there for years without having to worry about anything, but the thought of dull cities makes this man sick. He hates cities. He is more of a forest man. He loves forests and the nature. The sight of tall trees, singing birds, a beautiful lake and the feel of fresh air often entered his mind palace and brought him some pleasure whenever he was sad as a kid. One of his favourite distractions was to close his eyes while imagining living in a place like that where he was happy with nature. He even had imaginary friends in that forest. This was the only distraction, which helped him forget his life filled with miseries. He used to go to his mind palace to imagine himself living in a forest with animals, birds and a few friends long before his mother died. He couldn’t stand his step dad. His step dad was obnoxious and arrogant. He hated him so badly. He wanted to move away from his step dad’s house as soon as possible after high school. He had a disturbing childhood because of this step dad of his who used to breathe down his neck day in and day out. Those days are over. His mother was the only person who made him feel better. He would have gone crazy or would have killed himself by now if it wasn’t for his mother because of his step dad’s ill behaviour. Now he has better things to worry about. He has no one now, not even his mother. He has to deal with his battles alone. He finally decides to make his vivid imaginations come true by going into a forest. This is how he decides to rebuild himself. He is a broken man. He tells himself that he cannot afford to drown in his sorrows anymore. This is a story about a young man named Lorenzo.

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