The Other Side of Us

By SarcasmShelby Lyn-Marie Burr All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller


Love and Betrayal? Mysteries and Mirrors Sean's eyes are black and dark shadows swarm around him. A mirror in the bathroom and a dark, slimy, evil entity bug crawls into his mouth and turns him evil and he wants to turn Cynthia, Luna and Jaedon just like him. Will love break the curse of him? or will it make it even stronger?

Chapter 1

A light turns on and Luna, Cynthia, Sean, and Jaedon are all in a doctors office sitting down at the stainless steel table looking down and frightened. The doctor sits down and puts a notebook on the table and starts writing the date.

He looks at all four of them and says “so what are you four in here for? What happened on that day?” they all didn’t say anything. He sighed and said “why did you kill your parents?”

Luna looked up and smacked her hands on the table and yelled “we didn’t kill our parents!! It wasn’t us it was them!!” Jaedon put his arm around Luna to calm her down.

Cynthia and Sean were scared and said at the same time “yeah it was them!!” the doctor started writing down things and said “and who is them exactly?” the light started to flicker on and off. All four of them got scared and huddled into each other.

Luna shook her head and said “...okay, this is real...this is our side of the story, the truth. Our lives changed forever after that day.”

The light goes out and all four see the light go back on only to see the doctor covered in blood and dead on the chair.

They all looked down to see the blood on their hands. Cynthia and Luna scream, they are settled down by the doctor.

“Its only a trick of the dark, we are okay” Sean and Jaedon say, but even they were scared of what they all saw.

The doctor wasn’t dead he was trying to calm all of them down. So they told their story and they told it right.

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