Possum KIngdom

By ldyoke All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller


Murders are mysteries much like puzzle pieces that need to be put together to reveal the face of the true killer. Possum Kingdom introduces Detectives, Gloria Ramos and David “Rocky” Brandel who follow the leads in the case as if they were a trail of puzzle pieces. Just when they think they know who the killer is they discover another puzzling piece which suddenly gives them multiple suspects, but there is only one murderer. The story has international ties from Panama to Texas. It includes a billionaire shipping tycoon, his son, his lovely daughter, security officer, a local gang leader in Panama, Ralph Morgan and his wife, Melissa, Detectives David Brandel and Gloria Ramos and many law enforcement officers--their canine friends, scuba teams and various CSI and forensic agencies. They all fight the elements and each other to get to the last puzzle piece of who the real killer is. Can you solve the puzzle before these two seasoned Detectives?


The killer waited patiently outside the large house on Possum Kingdom Lake until the front door opened and out came Karla Limpio. Karla was from a wealthy family in Panama City, Panama. Her father had forced her to move to the United States to escape the death threats made by one of the local gang members. Quickly she closed and locked the front door and hurried to her Yellow Audi R8 and sped off down the road, completely unaware that she was being watched.

Watching the sports car leave, the killer drove up the long driveway, around the grounds, past the pool and spa, to the cabana located behind the main house. The killer then walked up to the cabana and entered the unlocked door. Inside was a shower, for rinsing off after using the pool, and a posh changing area. There was also a wet bar, and a small mirror with a white powdery substance arranged in neat little lines. Continuing to scan the room the killer took note of the flat-screen TV and the refrigerator which was stocked with beer and bottles of wine. Two plush chairs and a queen bed, covered with deep red silk sheets, were in the back of the room with an HD camera positioned at the footboard on a tripod.

What’s this? Apparently, Miss Limpio likes to record her sexual encounters in high definition, the killer thought. The killer finished looking around the room, but repeatedly glanced back at the camera and thought, I have got some time to kill before she returns might as well see what she has been recording.

The small screen turned bright as the camera came to life and two people entered the very room the killer was standing in. There was a man who was accompanied by an extremely pretty woman wearing a skimpy black bikini. They sat on the overstuffed chairs next to the bed. Both were drinking beer and being intimately friendly. The woman brought the mirror with the powder over to the chair and motioned for the man to snort one of the lines, and then she followed suit. Settling back in her chair and tucking her legs beneath her Karla gave a sexy, drug induced laugh as she licked her lips and looked at the male hungrily.

Making the first move, Miss Limpio placed both of her feet on the crotch of the man and started massaging him expertly with her feet up and down. She laughed a sexy little laugh when the man started to get up, and she deftly pushed him back with her right foot. Gracefully she rose, went over to him, and reached down to unzip his pants.

As he forced his way into a standing position, the Killer read the company name sewn above the right-hand shirt pocket: Morgan Pools; then watched as the man in the video quickly pulled off his uniform, and proudly stood completely naked before Karla. He then walked up to her, reached around her back and ripped at the bow holding her bikini top on. Her heavy breasts fell after being freed from their tight tiny enclosure. Immediately his lips were all over her nipples, kissing and biting to arousing them to a perfect peak.

“You have the most beautiful boobs I have ever laid eyes on,” he said with a breathy gasp. “My God, they are so big and perfect.”

Karla grinned but said demurely, “Yes, my breasts are large and perfect. They are the absolute best breasts that money can buy. And, they are all for you, my love…all for you to have and to hold anytime you want.”

The man’s hands trembled as they went to the string at her waist holding the bikini bottoms on. With a small tug, the bottoms came loose and fell to the floor. Now both were nude, and the killer felt a stirring inside.

Immediately Karla led him to the bed and pushed him down, she then straddled him and roughly put him inside her. The killer watched as Karla took several deep breaths to gather her control and begin a slow rhythmic motion. Soon she increased both her speed and forcefulness until both cried out with ecstasy until they gradually stopped and collapsed into each other’s arms.

The killer sat mesmerized as the filmed sex extravaganza went on for another full hour. It was like watching a couple of crazed school kids who were experiencing each other for the first time. Slowly they took turns going down on each until both were orally pleased.

After their acrobatic sexual appetites had been expended, Karla got up, showered and dressed as if to leave. Her male companion tried to pull her back onto the twisted silk sheets, but Karla made a quick move to avoid his grasp. She then tossed him a key to the cabana and said: “You can stop by anytime, just be sure to call first.”

The killer continued watching the small screen, first with shocked delight and then, with a seething rage. Karla had recorded several other sex acts, some with this same man, but many of them were with other men. One man even had a large mustache. “Miss Karla Limpio you treat these men like toys, and then you push them aside when you are done with them. How can you treat your lovers like shit and just move on to another like nothing has ever happened? YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE!” the killer shouted at the television.

To contain the rage the killer wandered around the premises to get a feel for the room’s layout. What’s this on the floor? A puzzle piece! She likes puzzles, huh? She will not be playing games for very much longer! The killer thought while storming out of the cabana to explore the grounds. There, was the massive new pool and patio which was lavishly arrayed with a spa, outdoor kitchen, and an expansive flagstone walkway that led back to the cabana and also along a footpath to a cliff which rose above the water by at least fifty feet. Suddenly, the killer came up with a devious plan and chuckled…it was a plan to kill Miss Limpio and leave absolutely no trace of her behind.

To justify the plan as it unfolded, the dark thoughts of the killer screamed inside. After all, she’s done in Texas and back home in Panama, she deserves to die and never be found! I am up for this challenge! You, Karla Limpio, are a Bitch, a whore, a slut, and a traitor, AND YOU ARE MINE! Your father tried to keep you safe by sending you here, what a waste! I will wait for you to return and then you will have your date with death and I will dance on your grave!

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