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Hey Baby Girl

By XxLifeInBookxX All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Romance


Kelly Gloria Johnson Kelly is a nerd. She's not a rebellious teenager, but more of a simple girl who agrees with everything. She gets bullied at school but is famous on social media. The JJ twins. Jay and Jayden are famous both in school and social media. They hardly ever have any problems in their lives. They are both Musically and Youtube famous and are rich. Kelly is not allowed to look, talk or even follow the twins on social media. She never broke that rule but... What happens when Kelly has to go live with the Twins? Will Kelly Be able to survive the terror? Read 'My Life With The Brandon Twins' to find out what happens Azzy★★

Chapter 1: Shut up!

My name is Kelly. Kelly Gloria Johnson.

You can call me Kel. Don’t think you’re special cause all my friends call me that.

I’m not your typical, bad girl, rebellious teenager. I’m a Goody Two Shoes, and a nerd.

I get A’s in all subjects, never gotten detention and I’m shy, what could be a better name for me than a nerd?

“Kelly!” Someone called me. That would be my mom.

My mom is African and beautiful. Some people call her “African Beauty”. She’s got hazel eyes, perfectly shaped lips, beautiful curly any shiny black hair, fitness etc. Sometimes, I’m asked why my mom is beautiful and I’m just so lame?

That’ll be because of my dad.

Most of my features come from him, except my skin color which is just a little bit brighter than moms, and curly brown hair. My dad is American and my mom is African. He left my mom when I was 14, which was 3 years back.

My baby sister was only 3months old. She’s now 3. Her names Lydia.

Mom was very sad and depressed when he left. She stayed in her room crying for really long and I had to take care of Lydia myself.

A month later, she finally got a grip on herself and started working. She’s now a businesswoman. She has handled a lot and I’m very proud of her.

She also travels a lot and the best part is that she always goes with Lydia and I. We have visited a lot of places.

Rome, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, New York, Dubai, etc.

“Yes, Mummy!” I screamed back then got off my bed and entered her room, which is next door.

“Kel... Good, you’re here. I need to talk to you” She patted the space beside her on her bed for me to sit.

I sat then lay my head on her lap.

“So..” I sand, dragging the ‘O’.

“I’m travelling to Kenya,” She said and I smiled.

“Great! I’ll pack mine and Lydia’s bags. When are we leaving?” I asked with a smile.

“No Kel, I’m going alone. I’m not going with either you or Lydia” She smiled sadly.

“What?” My eyes widen “But you always go with us” I pouted.

“I know, but not this time. I can’t go with you cause I’ll be away for 8 months or more, and you can’t be school free for that long” She explained.

Even if I am, I’m sure no one will realize, since they want me dead.

I nodded then lay back down again “So, we’re gonna be home alone?” I asked.

Mom has never left us alone at home. The longest she has was only for 8hours. Even though she leaves us, I’m sure I can take care of the house.

“No. You’re gonna be staying with the Brandon’s” She smiled while I frown. I sit up again.

“Y- You mean the B- Brandon’s, as in Ace and Livia Brandon? As in the owners of The B- Brandon Empire? As in t- their twins Jay and Jayden Brandon? A- As in the JJ twins? As In Veronica Brandon?” I stuttered.

“Yeah” She answered casually “Livia is a good friend of mine. Ace is sending me to Kenya for 8months and I explained the problem of not being able to leave you guys for that long so she offered to take you guys in and take care of you. So I agreed” She shrugged and went into the bathroom.

I froze, staring at the wall. This can’t be happening. This has got to be a dream. If it’s not, then I’m so dead!

The Brandon Twins, aka The JJ twins, are not just stars in our school. They are also world famous. Their Parents Ace and Livia are the owners of The Brandon Empire which my mom is working in.

The JJ twins are Musically and YouTube stars. I watch their videos every day. I follow them on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Musically. All my accounts are secret and private and I don’t put my pictures. I use the name Kenney_Life. I also have a fan page for them. They follow!

Then there is Veronica Brandon. Their elder sister. She is a beautiful woman and a famous model. Veronica is also very famous for her charity work. She helped a lot of orphans and is very good with kids. She’s already 22 and the fact that she’s not married yet is surprising but then again... She’s famous.

Apparently, I’m not allowed to follow them, talk to them or even look at them. Dumb rule? I know that.

“Kewy!” Lydia said, running into the room, and nearly tripping.

“Yes, Ly?” I smiled and picked her up then pecked her cheek.

I kept her on my lap then she wraps her legs around my waist and I warped my arms around her waist to hold her.

Lydia is the lucky one. She has grey eyes which are from our dad, long brown curly hair, she’s fair and beautiful.

“Kewy, can you buy me chocowate?” She pouted.

“Sure. Just wait till mom comes out of the bathroom then I’ll take the money and buy you some OK?” I smiled and she giggled then nodded.

Lydia and I share an amazing sister bond. Sure, she can get annoying at times but.... we’re good.

She started wiggling to get out of my grip, so I placed her on the ground. As she bolted off to her room, I got off the bed and went to mine for a warm shower.

After a warm 15minutes shower, I changed into a grey shirt, sweatpants and a grey hoodie.

It is only January 15th so the weather is cold. After combing my hair, I pulled it into a bun then went into moms room.

“Mom?” I said then entered the room. She’s in her closet.

“Yes, darling?” She turned.

“Ly wanted chocolate. Can I go out and buy some for her?” I asked.

“Sure. Just take 5 dollars from my purse” She gestured to her vanity table, where her purse is kept.

I took out 5 dollars and walked out of the room then entered mine.

I kept my iPhone 7 on the side table and took out my Nokia.

Did I mention that I’m also not allowed to have social media accounts? That’s why I have a Nokia. I can’t have Facebook and other social media with it so I only use it for calls.

For social media, I use my iPhone. Since I’m not allowed to have social accounts, I have them secretly. Its only used at home. Only a few people know I have it. I never took it out of the house unless I’m travelling.

I know what you must be thinking.

Who uses Nokia’s now? It’s old-fashioned, but trust me, they help. It helps me stay away from a certain someone.

I walk down the sidewalk with my hands in my hoodie pocket and my head looking down. The grocery store is not very far from him so I always walk there.

I also brought my iPod shuffle with me. I saw a life hack on YouTube that if someone has an earpiece on, people tend to talk to them less.

I have the song ’Introducing Me” from Camp Rock two on.

As I walk, I hum the tune of the song, still keeping my head down. I suddenly came crashing down. I fall to the ground.

I swear I’m not clumsy. Must have been an invisible stone.

“Awww, is the nerd licking the ground cause she has no food to eat?”

Oops, I’m wrong. It wasn’t an invisible rock but an invisible witch. She’s a witch who turned into a human. Megan.

Let me introduce her. Megan... Well, she’s a nice girl (Note The Sarcasm).

She’s my bully. She’s hated me since elementary school. Don’t worry. The feeling is Mutual. I hate her too. Did I mention that she’s the one who made the rules?

The girl is just obsessed with the twins. That’s why she made the rules. I wonder how she even feels that they’ll ever fall for me.

“Megan,” I said through granted teeth’s.

“Sup nerd” She flipped her hair.

“What do you want?” I rolled my eyes.

You know how in movies, the hero lives in the same neighbourhood as the heroine?

Well in my case, it’s different. I live right next to Megan. We live two blocks away from each other and trust me... It’s not good.

She keeps coming to my house and bringing cookies and other things. My mom thinks she’s amazing but well..... Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Every time she drops by, she talks to mom about how amazing our friendship is. She makes a good impression on my mom, but not to me.

My mom doesn’t even know about the bully.

“Just wanted to see how the nerd is doing” She shrugged “Tuddles” She wiggled her fingers and laughed then walked away.

Don’t worry. I’m used to that. She’s weird and dumb. By dumb, I mean really dumb. Trust me, I know that because she had never got above C in the class.

I rolled my eyes and reached the store then took out 5 chocolates. Each one is a dollar so I took 5 and went to the counter.

She put them in a plastic bag for me and I left. This time, I made sure Megan want in sight.

As I reached home, I found Lydia sitting on the couch, singing along to a song from Sofia the First.

“Lydia here you go,” I said and sat beside her on the couch “I’m taking 2. You can keep the rest” o said and she nodded.

She handed me two and kept three. I sat with her and watch the cartoon. She tends to get really happy whenever someone is watching the cartoon with her which is why I watch with her a lot.

I left my room 30minutes later and started texting on my phone.

I’ve had the iPhone for quite a long time so the screen is cracked quite a lot.

I stayed in my room for at least 5hours then decided to down for dinner. Mum has probably already started making dinner so I could help her.

I walked downstairs and spotted mom in the dining room. She’s setting the dinner.

“Hey! I was just coming to call you. Let’s get eating” She smiled and went to the living room to get Lydia.

She came back with Lydia in her arms then set her on the high chair next to her. She started feeding Lydia as usual while she also eats.

I eat in silence while mom and Lydia have a conversation about Lydia and her new best friend Maria.

“Mom,” I said after Lydia stopped. She just hummed in reply “When are you leaving?” I asked.

“Friday” She replied.

Well... At least I have 3days to spend with my family before I go to The Brandon house and Megan finds out then kills me.

“Mom is going somewhere?” Lydia asked.

“Darling, I’m going to Kenya without you or Lydia. I’m gonna be gone for a few months” She explained.

“But you always go with us” Lydia pouted, just like I did.

“You guys are so alike” She sighs then went on explaining just like she did to me.

We continue eating and the only sound comes from our plates and us chewing.

I finally decided to pop the question.

Please don’t get angry or say no mom!

“Mom,” I said and she looked up from her food “Mom, my phone is getting old and the screen is cracked so if I could.... Get it fixed?” I said, which sounded more like a question...

“Sure... If you want, I can buy you a new one. Just make a short list of things you need before I leave” She said then turned to Lydia and fed her.

Well, that wasn’t as hard as I taught.

I taught she’s gonna be like, why don’t you just handle it? You already broke the screen? You’re so careless. but again... Mom is never rude.

After eating, I went to my room and taught about my list then started writing.

Things I need

1. New Phone (Any)
2. Foundation
3. Lip Balm (Colourless)
4. Art Book
5. Water Colour (Acrylic)
6. Pencil Colour
7. Sharpies

I finished writing then went into moms room which is always open.

“Here” I handed her the paper. She took it then glanced at it.

“Foundation? Since when do you use makeup?” She frowned.

“I just need it. Just in case” I said awkwardly.

She nodded and dropped the list in her bag.

I need the foundation for the injuries. Megan would hurt me in school. Its something she loves doing, which is why I take it from my friend.

I went out of the room and lay on my bed then took my phone and texted Julian.

Julian is my best friend, he and Olivia.

We study in the same school.

Julian is a huge nerd. Bigger nerd than I am. You can easily guess that by his hairstyle. He’s very funny, cheerful and studious. He’s also a huge fan of the JJ twins. I’m not saying he’s gay, he’s just a huge fan of theirs and he thinks they are amazing.

And Olivia... She’s totally opposite. They’re cousins but the difference is a lot. She doesn’t study, always shopping, partying all night...... She’s a typical bad girl but also my best friend.

Three Idiots

Lazy Bones: Aye! Julie

Nerd: Hey, Baby Girl and don’t call me that. It makes me sound like a girl

Lazy Bones:WhatevesJulie

Nerd: Annoying Witch😑

Lazy Bones:Grasshole😛

Nerd: Daughter of your father

Lazy Boned: I’moffended😕

Nerd: Good for you😛

Lazy Bones: Fish You

Bad Baby: You both are so childish

Lazy Bones: Taught you were at a party

Bad Baby: I am... But I won’t be able to enjoy if you both keep talking. The notifications 😑

Lazy Bones: Its a school night. You’ll suffer tomorrow

Nerd: Then turn it off... Smartass 😛

Bad Baby: I can handle itbruh!

Bad Baby: And you’re such aGrassholeNerd.

Lazy Bones: You both tho. Super annoying

Bad Baby: But you love us😉

Nerd: Yup... U love us

Lazy Bones:Whateves

We went on talking till I finally got sleepy and wished them good night.

Just to clarify, Julian is Nerd, Olivia is Bad Baby and I’m Lazy Bones.

Each of us got our names according to our personalities.

Let’s hope tomorrow will be a good day and mom will tell me she’s joking. I don’t have to live with the Brandon.

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