Mr.Stone Face & Ms.Witty

By Teddydock All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Drama


"Don't you dare think about doing that." I warned, taking a step back. "Doing what Bella?" He asked, stepping ahead not breaking the eye contact. His voice holds a bit of amusement but his face tells a different story. "Th-that thing which you put as your right." Shit! Why am I stuttering? Now he will know I'm nervous. Gah! "It is my right." with that he closed the space between us. 💎💎💎💎 ||Ayla Ibrahim|| -22 years old. She can be defined as a drama queen. She's feisty, she's rebellious and sometimes, she's outspoken too. Ayla is an Arab but was brought up in NYC. Being the only daughter, she's the apple of her parents eye. One word for her would be- a spoiled brat. ||Jamaal Agostino|| -25 years old. Like most of the protagonists, he is rich, handsome and most eligible bachelor. Granite of an exterior is his worldly facade. But in reality, he is a big sofie. He's half Arab and half Italian. He can't stand anyone disrespecting him but fate has it's own games and it decided to make him fall for a brat. Not just a brat but a spoiled one. They say- You can't choose whom you love. Join Ayla and Jamaal in their emotional rollercoaster journey! Cry with them, laugh with them and fall in love with them!


"AYLA IBRAHIM WAKE UP THIS INSTANT OR WALLAHI I WILL NOT HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SORRY ASS." The shrill voice of my mother woke me up from my beautiful dream.

"I'm up." I shouted back.

I looked at my alarm clock 7:30. Shit! I'm late. Today is my first day of my University.

I hurried to the washroom and took a quick shower and wore my outfit for the day. Nothing much just a pair of black trousers topped with a simple white button down shirt which ends some inches above my knees and a polka dots black 'n' white hijab. Simple yet elegant. I did my quick makeup consisting of some concealer, winged eyeliner and some mascara, and my regular pink lip gloss. After finishing my makeup, I quickly grabbed my favourite pair of black wedges. babies are so stylist you know how much I bought it for? A thousand dollars and you know...ok ok I need to stop my blabbering for I am already late.

I skipped the stairs and peeked in the kitchen to see any signs of danger. You don't know my mothe...

"Ahh." I screamed as someone came from behind and pulled my ears.

I peeked from my lashes to see my mom shooting daggers at me. She looks soo pissed off. I start.

"I'm soo sorry Mom. I know I trouble you a lot. I should have woken up before. I'm sorry. You might have been fed up with me. It's okay. It's okay..I will leave this house and stay away from all of you cause I only bring problems." I said while bawling my eyes.

Obviously faking...Gah!

"Oh my dear Ayla..who said that I am fed up with you? Huh? You are my one and only dearest daughter.. I love you the way you are." she said with tears in her eyes.

"Mommy you are the best.. I love you soo much." I said as I kissed her cheeks.

"Mom I need to hurry up. Bye."

As I was making my way to the door, she caught my hand and dragged me to the kitchen.

"Not before eating your breakfast."

"Mom but..."

"No buts."

"Okay fine." I gave in as I was really too hungry.

I sat on the counter and mom passed me a plate full of pancakes with Maple syrup dripping from them. My mouth started watering seeing heavenly food. I looked around to see if anyone is watching me. No one..Thank god. I took a bite and moaned as the taste bursts into my mouth..and after fifteen seconds my plate is clean. Anyone can doubt it as a washed plate. No I didn't licked it... actually...I..okay fine I licked it..! So what can I do? My mom is the world's best cook.

I recited Dua after eating my food.

"Mom I am going. Take care, Allahafiz." with that I grabbed my car keys and left.

"You too take care, Allahafiz." I heard faint voice of mom.

With that I zoomed my Black Audi Q4 through the streets.

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