The Principal's Daughter

By just.grasss All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Drama

| Dead Man Walking |

I’d like to think of myself as smart. But sometimes, I’m just really stupid. My knack for messing with and teasing Blake is becoming a very bad habit very fast. Especially when I don’t anticipate consequences. What are these consequences you ask? Well, I decided to sneak up on Blake while he was still in the hospital bed. Bad idea. But, me being me, I seem to be attracted to bad ideas. With his eyes still closed, he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the bed. Kinky much? Just kidding ha ha that’s funny... Awkwardly backs away... Okay back to the present.

I yelp as he whispers in my ear,“If the fox wants to be sneaky she needs to be quicker than that.” I reply, “Oh, so I’m a fox now?” He still hasn’t opened his eyes as he says,“A fox is supposedly sneaky. They trick others. You seem to be doing a whole lot of that. So, yes, you are a fox Liebling.” I scoff, “If I were a fox I wouldn’t keep getting caught. And I am not your darling.” He opens his eyes lazily as he says,“Then who’s darling are you... Liebling.” I give him a dirty look as I say,“Obviously not yours.”

He is on pain killers so he is extremely sleepy. He also apparently knows German. Imagine that? Me being the sweet person I am decide to bring him pizza and go through his phone. It’s just to call his mom I swear! Nope, that was a lie. That was definitely a lie. I would make one heckuva terrible criminal. I literally cannot lie. That was a lie too. You see?! I immediately admit afterwards that what I said was a lie. At least you won’t ever be able to guess if I’m lying or not. Which is also why I don’t necessarily have a “tell” so to speak when I lie.

Anyways, I’m texting idiot number 1, 2, and 3 “I am in love with you. Will you marry me?” A.k.a., I’m texting Jonesy Prais, Tyla Marche, and Kat White as if I’m the oh-so-NOT-hot Blake King.

He is so gonna kill me later but this was just too good of an opportunity. Come on! It’s absolutely hilarious! Their idol, the number they somehow have, just texted them something they have always wanted to hear.

Except that it’s not true and it’s cruel and it’s mean and I’m also quite possibly sinking to their level. Does this person care? Not one bit. Is this person petty, unforgiving, and bitter towards idiot 1, 2, and 3 because of all the torture she has endured? Yes, yes this person is. You people DREAM of being this petty. It’s a thing people; get in line.

“AMELIA REIGHTON WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DID YOU JUST DO?” So, I’m a dead man. I better go and dig my grave now. Until next time losers!

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