The Principal's Daughter

By just.grasss All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Drama

| Beyond Measure |

I’m clumsy. Probably more than the average person. But I swear, I have the worst timing when it comes to falling on people. Picture this: My Adidas shoe laces somehow untying themselves, I step on those laces, and land on Blake King.

Technically, he caught me in his arms, but I say that I fell on him. It sounds less romantic. However, I’m not everyone. And everyone who saw it happen let out dramatic gasps, snapped pictures like they were the freaking paparazzi, and gossiped about how Blake King and Amelia Reighton, the principal’s daughter, A.K.A. me, are dating.

Well isn’t that a laugh! With God as my witness, if I ever date Blake King, that is the day I’m dyeing my hair red. I hate the color red. So this is perfect. I hate the color and I practically hate Blake King.

“I caught you.” “No. I fell on you. There is a difference.” “Yes, there is. The difference is that I caught you in my arms but you don’t want to admit it.” “It’s all about perspective. I think I fell on you and you think you ‘caught me in your arms’. So, can we just agree to disagree?” Taking a threatening step toward me,“How about you just admit you’re wrong? How about you just admit that I caught you before you fell?” Whispering, “Because, I don’t have to admit anything. Because I don’t want your ego getting any bigger than it already is. So just leave it be. And leave me alone.”

Before I can turn around, he grips my arm causing me to look up at him. And there it goes again. A woodpecker pounding on my heart incessantly. The same intense expression is evident. But it doesn’t make sense.

I don’t understand how I have known this ‘Blake King’ for barely a day and yet he gives me this expression. It’s almost like these expressions are supposed to tell me a story that I can’t read. I’m dyslexic in this instance. It’s frustrating and liberating. It’s a new breath of fresh air. It’s taking my breath away. I’m being dramatic. Or am I? Is there something here that I missed? What am I missing? What is this mystery that I need to solve? Can it be solved? Am I out of my mind? Probably. But I won’t know unless I take the risk of taking two steps forward. I won’t know until I step out of my bubble and out into the world of wonder and mischief. A world of pain and a world of peace. A world that is inexplicably beautiful beyond measure.

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