The Principal's Daughter

By just.grasss All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Drama

| Just My Luck |

Here’s the thing. I’m a pretty smart girl. I actually have logic. But logic doesn’t seem to run through my brain when someone gets on my last nerve. Which is why I did what I did. I gave Ashton a black eye to sum it up. Yeah, since he’s such a gentleman, he decided to let me punch him. It’s the “I can’t hit a girl” rule. Which I completely get; don’t get me wrong. But it’s not like Ashton is going to abuse me to the point where I need to go to the hospital. Plus, it’s not me that’s in a relationship with him. It’s Ezzy. And now I bring you to the awkward part. The part where I’m in my mother’s office. For the first time, might I add. And not for a reason that is usual.

“And why did you punch Mr. Grey again?” “A couple different reasons. However, the main would be the fact that he pushed me over the edge.” “Yes, I know that. However, not everyone is me. I am still going to have to punish you for physically assaulting another student, but since this is your first, and hopefully final time being in my office, you will only have to serve a week of after school detention. Mr. Grey, please refrain from insulting Miss Reighton.” “Yes, ma’am.” “Am I going to have to undergo extra consequences at home?” “We will discuss that later Amelia.” Sighing, “Okay, may we go now?” “Yes. You are both dismissed.”


“Are you a mama’s girl or something?” “Seriously? We just had a conversation about not pushing my buttons.” “I wasn’t trying to. I was asking a legitimate question. No joke.” Sighing, “Yes, I am a ‘mama’s girl’.” “That would explain it.” “It would explain what exactly?” “Oh, nothing. Just the fact that you were super nervous when you were in your mom’s office, her underlying meaning of me not insulting you, etc.” Rolling my eyes, “She was trying to remain professional. Ezzy told you several times to shut your mouth and you didn’t listen. You not listening lead to me punching you and then to her office.” “Good point. But I’m leaning more towards the fact that you’re a mama’s girl.” “It’s all about perspective. You think it’s because she’s my mom, even though I still have to go to after school detention, whereas I think it’s because she doesn’t want anything else to go on my permanent record. Which, as I recall, universities look at.”

The moment I said that, the late bell rings. Just my luck.

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