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By Sean van der Wath All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Scifi


At the center of Earth there lies an ancient darkness. A darkness that has the ability to reach from its lair after several million years. No one on Earth experiences this darkness more than Elizabeth Huxley; she is haunted by this mysterious force from a young age. The strange black secret never seemed to pose a physical treat to her, that is until she starts her high school career, and it kills one of her classmates. Elizabeth’s dead classmate seemingly refusing to accept that she is dead, rises from the Nether realms with the very same darkness that has stained Elizabeth’s life now residing in her. To the darkness Elizabeth is the gatekeeper, the only one that can help it reach the earth’s surface once more, and therefore, she needed to be captured and kept alive. But Elizabeth manages to escape the clutches of the darkness and its newly turned followers, for the time being at least, with the assistance of a very resourceful detective. They are, however, soon cornered and Elizabeth has to face the menacing darkness for the sake of herself and Earth . . .


At the center of Earth there sleeps an ancient darkness. A darkness so powerful not even the fabric of reality can hold it. A menacing power as bound to Earth as any other living organism on the surface. A power very few know. It consumes while it sleeps. It consumes anything and everything that resides within its vicinity, even the structure of reality as it wakes. It wakes ever so eagerly when it’s called upon to do so, when the time is right and fate decides that its presence is needed.

Follow the events when it wakes again, as it has done before to bring destruction, to reach up from its ancient lair through the living creatures on the surface of Earth, and usher in the coming of a darkness so complete none will have the power to stand before it.

None except...

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